Frogger Amphibian Towel Review
By mustang6560 on 10/26/11

Still using an old, beat up kitchen towel on the golf course? Well, my friend, it's time you consider upgrading to a premium golf towel like the Frogger Amphibian Towel. Unlike some accessories on the market, a good wet-dry golf towel won't cost you an arm and a leg, and the best part is it might help you shave a stroke or two off your score.

From Frogger:
The Amphibian Towel is so ground-breaking, so different, you'll hang your other towels out to dry. The secret is a moisture-proof barrier inside that ensures the wet side stays wet, and the dry side stays dry, rain or shine. Clubs stay cleaner and keep their bite for more backspin, more control and more distance.

The Amphibian Towel is a 14" square golf towel that consists of three-layers - a cotton jacquard exterior, a bamboo terry cloth interior and a waterproof membrane in between to separate the wet and dry layers (Frogger says the bamboo terry cloth absorbs three times more water than cotton, plus it dries three times as fast). The idea is to wet the inside of the towel to clean your clubs and to use the outside to dry your clubs. But, the nice thing about the Amphibian Towel is it is reversible. On a rainy day, you can use the outside of the towel as the wet side and and inside as the dry side.

Prior to the start of each round, I would wet the bamboo interior and it would stay wet for the whole round plus some. The moisture-proof layer worked like a charm as I didn't notice any seepage between the wet and dry layers. One of the things I liked most about the Amphibian Towel is the feel of the towel. You can tell Frogger uses high quality fabric because the towel feels substantial in your hands.

At first, I did not like the size of the Amphibian Towel because I thought the 14” square design was bulky and it took up too much room on my bag. However, it wasn’t until I played an early morning round that I found the size to be a positive thing. A golf course early in the morning is covered in dew so you need as much room as possible to clean and dry your clubs. Depending on your OCD and handicap levels, you might see the need to clean and dry a club up to 100 times during a round so the more real estate you have the better.

I played several rounds with the Amphibian Towel and overall my experience was positive. Frogger also sent a few accessories with the Amphibian Towel including its Brush Pro club cleaner, Green Monster bamboo golf tees and Hop magnetic green repair tool and ball marker.

Of all the extras, I found the Brush Pro club cleaner to be the most beneficial because it features a retractable lanyard, which makes cleaning the dirt and debris off your club face easy. It fits securely to your bag and gives you about a two-foot radius to stand and clean your club. With my old club cleaner, I had to stand on top of my bag and hold my golf club just so in order to clean it.

Unless you're a Frogger loyalist or an avid eco-friendly golfer, I wouldn’t bother with the Green Monster bamboo golf tees or Hop magnetic green repair tool and ball marker. The bamboo tees are supposed to be “7 Times Stronger Than Wood (And a gazillion times greener)”, but I found they broke just as often as regular wooden tees but instead of snapping in half horizontally, they would split down the middle. And the ergonomic design of the repair tool and ball marker feels nice in your hand, but since it’s not straight like a traditional ball mark, it feels bulky in your pocket.

You can buy the Amphibian Towel on for $29.95 and it’s available in three different colors - red, blue and black. Or, you can take your chance of winning a Frogger accessory bundle in one of our giveaways!

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birdieXris says:
I"ve been using the frogger for a while. It's really nice. I enjoy it and it works very well. machine washed a lot too and still works just as well as when i bought it. it IS heavy though on the bag because it's such high quality cloth. Thick cloth x2 with a waterproof barrier so that adds some weight that the cheapo towels don't have since they're toilet paper thin. I don't mind it though because it's as useful as the ads say it is.
bkuehn1952 says:
I believe in tradition. A golf towel is supposed to be a dirty, raggedy, small piece of cheap cloth with some logo on it like, "Fieldstone Scramble Event - 1997". The proper way to clean a club is to spit on it and swipe that dirty rag across the face a few times. Guys that use these hi tech items are a bunch of pansies!! ;)
mmontisano says:
like bkuehn, my towel is tiny, raggedy and super dirty. my wife won't let me put it in the washing machine because it might "infect" the rest of the laundry unless i run it under the water from the outside hose first. then and only then, after all of the caked on mud has come off, i can put it in the washer.
Matt F says:
I've been using one for about 2 years and really do like it. As Nate mentioned, there is no seepage between the layers. The thing stays wet for a couple of days. The brush is great, built in groove cleaner and the head is replaceable, so when it looks ratty, just get a new brush head instead of an entire brush.
Jim_Smallwood_Jr. says:
I couldn't agree with you more, well stated bkuehn1952.
rayandexter says:
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