John Daly Pizza Seasoning Review
By mustang6560 on 11/9/11
Remember when I told you I bought some of the new John Daly Pizza Seasoning?

Well, I did. And surprisingly, it wasn't half bad. The John Daly Pizza Seasoning says it's "Great on Pizza, Subs and Everything Else!" so naturally, I tried it on anything and everything I could get my hands on - pizza, pasta, eggs, etc - and like it said, it wasn't half bad, but it wasn't exactly good.

I would describe it this way, the John Daly Pizza Seasoning will not replace the bottle of Tony Chachere's in my spice rack anytime soon. The John Daly Pizza Seasoning lacks the distinctive flavor of a seasoning like Tony Chachere's and since a seasoning in theory is supposed to add flavor, why add something that's not going to enhance the flavor?

The website where I bought two bottles of the seasoning no longer works so I'm not even sure you can buy the John Daly Pizza Seasoning anymore. The seasoning still shows up on, but the buy link is broken there too (I wonder if he decided to cut the seasoning from his pizza line?). But, you're in luck because we have an extra bottle we're planning to give away some time in the near future. Could it be tomorrow? Maybe...

photo via @PGA_JohnDaly

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guzzlingil says:
Pizza does not need seasoning...

serve hot with a cold beer is all you need.
mmontisano says:
wow....the first giveaway prize on OOB that i have complete no interest in winning.
Torleif Sorenson says:
Ditto. A little oregano, some basil leaves, plenty of parsley, and some fresh grated Parmesan on top of my extra cheese, fresh spinach, and sliced cherry tomatoes, and I'm happy.

And Heritage Dr. Pepper for me instead of the beer -- somebody else can have my share.
falcon50driver says:
I like the billboard advertisement for Tony Chachere"s ...."AS SEEN ON OKRA"
srogers13 says:
The question is, does it quit working halfway through the meal?
mjaber says:
@srogers13... only when there is water on the table.
mjaber says:
@guzz... why does it need to be hot? Pizza is great anytime, hot or cold, with a variety of beverages, even my morning coffee.
mmontisano says:
mjaber is right. pizza is the breakfast of champions.
weamaw says:
What do you mean "surprisingly"? Of course it wasn't bad. I'd expect it to be delicious. The dude knows how to eat.
JimmyPizza says:
Thanks for review on our JD Spice Blend! It has over 30% cheese in it, which makes it a premium product. We had some initial issues with the website, they are fixed now. The blend is selling well, he has many loyal fans. I am partners with him in the JD Pizza concept, we have an entire line of pizza and golf products. Let me know if you need some JD Spices for a promotion. Thanks again, Grip It and Shake It!
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