Mizuno MP-69 Review
By mustang6560 on 11/23/11

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Allow me to introduce you to Mizuno’s newest iconic muscle back iron, the MP-69 (oobgolf, MP-69 ... MP-69, oobgolf).

Let’s not beat around the bush, the MP-69 is not designed for the weekend warrior who measures his success on the course by the number of golf balls he netted for the day. No, the MP-69 is designed for the serious golfer, the one who knows the difference between a slice and a fade and who cares how his golf ball will react once it hits the green. If you are one or want to be one of those golfers, then I would encourage you to read further. Heck, even if your not, I still would encourage you to read further because you might decide to change your mind!

From Mizuno:
The new MP-69, the next iconic Mizuno Muscle Back iron, was created by blending our PGA Tour Staff input with the latest state of the art design and simulation tools. This iron is the perfect balance of Grain Flow Forged feel and unmatched workability. The MP-69 irons feature our newly developed 4D Muscle design. A strategic weighting strategy from 3 iron through PW ensures ideal COG placement in every iron throughout the set to deliver total ball control and a predictable trajectory.
The MP-69 is rated for the player who holds a handicap index between 6 and +7, and sorry lefties, but it is only available in a right handed model.

The phrase "sex on a stick" comes to mind when trying to describe the look of the MP-69. Mizuno combined feedback from its staff players with the latest state of the art design and simulation tools to create the MP-69. The thin top line, curved back line and redesigned sole gives the MP-69 its sexy and distinctive look. Blade style irons look good in general, but in all honesty, the MP-69 is one of the best looking clubs I’ve seen in awhile and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it make the Golf Digest Hot List.

Like all of Mizuno's MP irons, the MP-69 is forged using the company's patented Grain Flow Forged process, which provides a buttery smooth feel at impact. Mizuno used its new 4D Muscle design to ensure the center of gravity is placed in the correct spot in each clubhead to provide unmatched ball and trajectory control. And the new trailing edge bevel and modified U-grooves produce ideal spin rate for maximum playability in all conditions.

While I am not yet one of those golfers who cares how my ball will roll out on the green (by and large, I am still happy to hit the green), I do know the difference between a slice and a fade so I fall into the category of golfers who wants to be a serious golfer. I have the desire to be a single digit handicap, but I’m not there yet so I figured I would struggle trying to hit the MP-69. To my surprise, I wasn’t half bad ... then again, I wouldn’t exactly write home about my time on the range. Every now and then I would catch one on the sweet spot and my oh my, it felt great!

I've kind of developed into an equipment junkie since I starting at oob because I'm curious about the design of golf clubs. As a reader of Terry “The Wedge Guy” Koehler’s weekly blog, I subscribe to his philosophy on blades. He believes that you should play blades if you have the desire to be a better ball striker and the time necessary to practice because in the long run, you’ll be a better player for it. The key word there is "time". Not everyone has time to practice so the MP-69 might not be right for you. But, if you want the ability to play a variety of shots, then the MP-69 is what you need.

I would rate the MP-69 on the oobgolf Rating Key as a 9.0 because it is awesome! And if you're a good golfer, you'll truly enjoy the feel and workability of the MP-69.

The only reason I didn't give it a higher mark is because between the MP-59 and MP-69, I would probably recommend the MP-59 to more golfers. The MP-59 offers some workability AND forgiveness. I would love to see Mizuno sell a combo set of its MP-59 and MP-69 irons to give more mid level handicaps (like me!) the chance to play straight blades. The 3-6 irons would be the MP-59 and the 7-PW would be the MP-69. I didn't struggle very much hitting the short irons because it's much easier to hit a higher loft club. But, it's when you get further down the line that having some extra forgiveness would be nice.

You can pick up a set of the MP-69 irons at golfsmith.com for $899 (3-PW).

Learn More About Mizuno MP-69 Irons

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GolfSmith7 says:
Are these the next addict give away? hint hint
Banker85 says:
I bet they are! Mizuno love oobgolf! Kudos to whom ever struck this deal! They look scrumsich. I cant believe its not butter!
Panerai111 says:
Sweet, sweet Mizunos!
sepfeiff says:
Great looking club. Nearly identical IMHO to the MP 68's.
timopaulso says:
what year did the MP 68's come out? i also see the MP 67's at the golf store. same line, older model, correct? i play the MP 32's currently which i think is also a child of the MP 69's. anyone know for sure????
sepfeiff says:
Looks like they stoppped updating the timeline in 2008.
larrynjr says:
I've been playing MP32's for the past 2 seasons, I'd love to give these a try out! From what I've seen all the shops around here subscribe to the, must play cavity back clubs, syndrom.........that said, I plan on having my club fitter build a complete set that is MOI matched and I'll play whatever he thinks will give me the biggest advantage in regards to cavity or blade.....
timopaulso says:
cool, thanks guys...i'm sticking with my MP 32's for now - and i found out this would go under mizuno's signature series. the MP 57, 58, 59 and MP 67, 68, & 69 all fall under the game enhancement series. i REALLY REALLY WANT WANT the sweet sweet MP 69's but budget isn't there yet. Dang!!!!!
Jabro says:
These MP 69's look mthe bisiness. I have set of TP9's and MP32's and was persuaded by friends that at my age - 68- I should be using hollow backs with graphite shafts- I bought set of Ping I 10's but really the feel just isn't there - so back with MP 32's but think these MP 69's will need to be tested !!!

RPJacobsII says:
I play a combo set of 63s(3-6i) & 68s(7i-PW)...I believe that the 67s were introduced for the '08 season with the 68s introduced for the 2010 season...After hitting the 69s, I couldn't justify spending the $$ for them...Other than the muscle pad being reconfigured, I saw no difference, nor did I feel or see any difference in ball striking..Oh yea, I almost forgot, the 69s use 4D technology, while the 68s used 3D...Though, if you've got the game/heart & are looking @ your first set of Mizunos, it don't get any better..If you can get any of the blades mentioned in the above comments, you can't go wrong..Unlike most of these guys, I can't tell the difference between butter & margerine, though I will say that NOTHING feels as good as a well struck Mizuno...Well, almost nothing...Fairways & Greens 4ever....
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