Winter Golfing...Tiger Woods 2007
By Kickntrue on 10/26/06
Thanks to former Golfer of the Week, Adam Witter for this sending us this great review! Baseball season must be over.

Golf From Your Laz-boy

The temperature is dropping, and season is coming to an end. Or is it...?

Golfing has now become a year-round sport. But that doesn't mean you have to go out in the blistering cold and snow to do it. Intro...Tiger Woods PGA 2007 for Playstation 2, Xbox and Xbox360. This years edition comes with some of the same old features but with some new game modes and of course better graphics. The series is pushing into the latter part of a decade as one the best golf simulators. 07 isn't any different. But this late in a series, as with all great sports game, its hard to introduce new features for the same basic game play.

What's New

Team Mode: This allows you to team up with friends (up to 3) over the internet or from the same consol. Through the team challenge mode, you can take on teams from around the globe and, if you are good enough, unlock Tiger and his squad of elite golfers.

Game Types: This year's Tiger introduces some new variations of the same old game of golf.
  • One-ball - a variation where you and your opponent have to make
    shots closer to the hole in an increasingly smaller diameter. Miss the target zone and you are penalized and your opponent gets a second chance to sink that birdie putt for the win. But here's the kicker... you both are playing with the same ball. It takes some strategy, and some devilish thinking to plan a shot that is harder for your opponent to make than it might be for you.
  • Team Elimination - Gather up your best 4 golfers and head to the course. You are playing for the right to finish all 18. Win the hole and your opponent is eliminated and his/her partner has to step in an take you on the next hole. As soon as you lose "Hit the 19th hole." Cause your done. Can you handle the pressure??
Old, But Still Good

Battle Zone: Challenge a friend to a nice "friendly" 18. Lose the hole, lose a club. Losing your driver on the first hole can make those par 5's awfully long.

Real Time Event Calendar: It's Tiger's Birthday. Challenge him to 18 on the Predator. Win cool build-up points towards power, power boost, putting, and luck. Ummm that's only if you can beat him. Every day there is a new challenge and a new opportunity to win.

Skiilzone: Brush up on you stroke without penalty in the Skillzone. Hit targets for points and win a little cash for that Nike putter you've had your eye on. Or take on your friends in H-O-R-S-E to see who can make that tough shot over the rock onto the target without sliding off it into the lake.

Golf: Do I have to explain this one. Play 18 on that special course you've always wanted to play but could never save up the 500 bucks it costs to get on. Augusta, Pebble Beach, and all the TPC's are just some of the classic course you can play right from your couch. Along with these great oldies are some creative courses made just to see how aggravated they can make you. The Predator...bring your bathing suit and your bug spray.

Overall   8.5 out of 10

Old and young can enjoy this best selling series. If you've played one of the previous games of this series, it won't dazzle you with anything amazingly different. But in the end it is a solid addition worthy of the Tiger Woods name. Play long enough, build up your stats and your confidence, and take on the world...literally.

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