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Butch Harmon About Golf Instruction DVD Review
By mootruck98 on 10/3/12
Kyle Conway, Handicap Index 31.4

So Nathan wanted a subject matter expert to review this instructional DVD. Let me tell you he picked correctly. Nobody needs golf instruction like me so I was the perfect choice. So how exactly does someone have a 31.2 Hadicap Index? Basically you just don't play golf. I was introduced to golf about 20 years ago by my Dad when I was in Middle School, but I simply never got out on the course often. So 20 years later only playing a few times a year, you simply never learn the game and it is as frustrating as it is enjoyable. This past year I committed myself to getting out and playing on a regular basis and just have fun, more so than to "learn" the game. A few months later I accidentally got better (aka no longer a MAX handicap) and am hooked on golf. So much so I actually joined a club. While this year has been focused on enjoying golf, next year I plan on working hard to actually get better, as I have learned when you play well it is a bit more enjoyable. So yes I need instruction, and while personal / professional instruction is the best route to go, a little learning on your own is not a bad thing.

This brings me to the Butch Harmon DVD. This thing is full of information, I am sure most golf instructional DVDs are. What was very impressive with this DVD was how clear and concisely the information is given to you. There are 10 sections on 2 DVDs, which are each then broken down into several smaller topics. There are so many things wrong with my swing it is easy to feel like you are drinking from a fire-hose when receiving instruction, but Butch stays very focused only discussing one topic at a time. Having this bite-size topic structure makes it very easy to follow and comprehend. This focus combined with a well paced show allows the topics to sink in a bit as the keys are often repeated, replayed, and usually written on the screen. If you need a little bit more time or want to rehear a topic, well good news is most DVD player remotes have a pause and rewind button on them, so everyone is happy. So the format of the instruction is top notch.

What did I learn from this DVD? Well the short answer is a lot, but I am also just scratching the surface. I went out to play after watching just the first couple of sections the evening before and saw results immediately. I'm not saying my swing was instantly revolutionized, but I was able to apply the discussed concepts in my warm up at the range, to my setup for example, and see the correlating results from it. Simple things like aiming my club face as opposed to my feet gave immediate results in more direct shots. I have a strong fade (*cough* slice *cough*) so Butch's tip to angle my stance to be a bit more closed while maintaining my straight aim on the club face helped alleviate the fade, or at least the "strong" portion of it. His approach was very useful in that he is not tied to any systems and believes every swing is unique. This viewpoint is best shown in the Faults, Cures & Drills section. Basically it is a list of topics that all follow the format of if you do this, try doing this. Even for those of you who know how to swing a club, if you are having a specific problem, this section will quickly give you something to try while practicing.

The last section I want to bring up is the section where Butch interviews several Pro golfers. Its always interesting to hear directly from the pros. I won't drop names, but you will know who they are. Some are simple interview where they talk about Golf, their swings, and the changes they've made in their swings. What is extra cool is that some of the interview are a bit more interactive where the pros are swinging clubs or swing aids to visually show what they are talking about. This was both an informative and entertaining section.

So to sum it up I really enjoyed this DVD and got a lot out of it. I plan on watching it, or at least specific sections of it over and over as I work on my swing. I really think re-watching the fundamentals section for 30 minutes prior to heading to the course on the weekend will put the swing thoughts in my head I need to succeed. So mileage may vary depending on skill level and what you are looking for, but I think most everyone could learn more about the golf swing, and there are enough sections and topics to teach everyone at least a little something. So until you can go see a golf pro for instruction this DVD is the next best thing, plus it doesn't require daylight so even after working late I can improve my swing.

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