Ashworth Cardiff Golf Shoe Review
By mustang6560 on 11/15/12

By Nathan J. Trifone, Handicap Index 10.4

The hot new trend in golf shoe style is the crossover. More and more golfers want a multi-purpose shoe they can wear on the 18th green or in the 19th Hole. At Ashworth Golf, that shoe is called the Cardiff. The Cardiff offers golfers the best of both worlds — the performance they need and the style they want.

From Ashworth:
A golf shoe with the cross-over appeal of a town shoe. Playability, wearability and a sure-footed spikeless sole unite with tumbled leathers and rich suede accents to take the Cardiff from the course to the clubhouse and beyond.
Ashworth Golf sent me a pair of Cardiffs to review on oobgolf. Click here to learn more about Ashworth's crossover golf shoes.

The Cardiff is made of tumbled leather and it's accented with rich suede around the toe and laces, which gives it a dressy yet casual look. The tumbled leather comes in six different color options — black, chocolate, iron (which is the color Ashworth sent me), tan, and two different styles of white. The top of the sole that runs along the perimeter of the shoe is white and the color of the spikes vary depending the style you choose.

The first time I wore the Cardiffs to play with my regular group (which consists primarily of high school friends), one of them said, "What are you wearing?". He told me I looked like an "old man golfer". I replied, "Well at least I don't play old man golf." Once the friendly banter was over, we talked about the golf shoes (like adults) and he made a fair point. He said you don't see many golfers our age (I'm 27) wearing crossover shoes.

I wouldn't say the Cardiffs are targeted to an older demographic because Justin Rose rocks them and he's only only 32-years-old, however, you don't see many 20- or 30-somethings wearing them. I personally like the crossover look, but I do see more golfers my dad's age wearing them than my age.

Like any pair of shoes, comfort is the most important quality of a pair of golf shoes. The Cardiff features a Dual-density EVA foam footbed which is designed to provide long-lasting comfort. I'm no podiatrist, but Dual-density EVA foam is a special kind of foam that is designed to be firmer in the middle and softer on the outside to prevent you from rolling your ankle. I prefer to walk when I play golf so I walked several rounds wearing them. I can honestly say they're very comfortable. After 18 holes, my feet are usually ready for a cold beverage in the 19th Hole. But with the Cardiffs, my feet weren't as tired after walking 18 holes.

Since the Cardiff doesn't have traditional spikes, you're probably wondering whether or not it offers enough traction (I know I did). The answer is yes. The Cardiff features a sure-footed spikeless sole and it offers the same amount of traction as a traditional golf shoe, but the spikeless soles does have a different feel to it. Instead of eight large spikes, you have a several tens of small numbs all over the bottom of sole. You won't notice much of a difference strolling the fairway, however, you'll feel the difference on the cart path right away.

My favorite thing about the Cardiff is its versatility. It's nice to be able to put on one pair of shoes and not have to change once you get to the golf course. I found myself wearing the Cardiffs to go grocery shopping, or to work, or to dinner with friends. As long as you keep them fairly clean, they're appropriate in almost any social setting.

If you're interested in a comfortable golf shoe you can wear both on and off the golf course, then the Cardiff is for you. It's equal parts substance and style. While the look maybe more popular among older golfers, it doesn't mean you can't be a trendsetter if you're a younger golfer. You can pick up a pair of the Cardiff golf shoes for $120 at

Learn More About the Ashworth Golf Cardiff Golf Shoes

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Duke of Hazards says:
just bought a pair of Ecco Streets a couple days ago, pretty much just like these. love 'em. first saw Freddy sporting em a couple years ago while walking around at the Chevron and have wanted a pair ever since. Callaway's got a similar version now that Els wears. didn't know they were called 'crossovers'. if anything, I think they look more youthful than 'old man'. i'm 36, btw.
GolfSmith7 says:
I like how you threw your 9.8 handicap index in there lol
bducharm says:
I have a pair of the FJ Contours that are similar to these - LOVE them!
jfurr says:
I'm wearing the addias version right now actually (at work, I'm a nerd). I'd rather have the Ashworth version though as the toe design looks a lot better, otherwise identical.

I agree with DoH - they look more youthful than old man to me. I think they appear like "skater" style. The alligator skin, fancy buckle, pointy and heeled golf shoes look more like old man style to me.
bkuehn1952 says:
I wonder how long it will be before no one remembers the "clack clack" of walking on pavement with metal spikes. I don't really miss metal spikes as they could be fairly dangerous on smooth hard surfaces and they tore the crap out of greens.
Duke of Hazards says:
as an interesting side note and to build on jfurr's comments, appears that James (the bald, smiley Canadian guy) from the current Big Break - Greenbrier is the founder of his own crossover shoe company - Kikkor > pretty nice stuff in there.
PHALE says:
I'm one of those old guys that enjoys old guy golf and have always liked the idea of wearing the same shoes to, from and during; and I also wanted water proof, so what I did was unscrew the cleats on my old Footjoys and fill the holes with silicon, they work great except my wife still won't let me wear them in the house.
legitimatebeef says:
Bogus, they just want you to wear them on the street so that the nubs wear out faster and you have to buy a new pair.
windowsurfer says:
My first pair of golf shoes were brown leather Dempsters with a little "kiltie" over the laces and clacky steel spikes. I thought they were the coolest then. (Now too.) I like the new style and by next summer you will see all ages wearing this style as brands "copy with honour" and we all get in line to buy. Kudos to James Lepp - from one bald Cdn broder from Abbotsford to another. Heard him on Team 1040 a few days ago; apparently he is out selling Kikkors again and Big Break must seem like a kind of weird golf dream.
bkuehn1952 says:
@windowsurfer; Ah yes, the kiltie. Thanks for the reminder! I think I last saw some a decade ago when a friend who had not played golf in 20+ years pulled out his shoes and clubs for a round. I took one look at his shoes and told him to ditch the kilties or risk signaling everyone that he was clueless about golf fashion. Who knew he would be stylish now?
bobhooe says:
They look good but I'll pass on the give away.
Matt McGee says:
When I was in my early teens, "turf shoes" (as in "astro-turf," which was new at the time) were in style. The soles were the same as these new golf shoes. I guess I should have held on to them for 30 years or so. They were a lot cheaper than these.
Mr_X says:
PHALE - I too prefer traditional golf shoes. I am 6' 2" and 250. I have tried astro turf hybrid shoes in the past but they do not provide the same traction I am looking for. I will always prefer a traditional shoes.

I recommend Champ StreetCaps. You just swap out your cleats with these caps. I always bring a couple pairs of golf shoes on every golf golf trip because I like to let the shoes dry out for a day before I wear them again. Since I have size 13 boats, bringing these StreetCaps means I do not have pack half my travel bag with shoes.
dottomm says:
Changing into my golf shoes allows me to be discrete about where I've spent my afternoons. Just like stripper-glitter; it's the sand and grass stains always gives me away.
coachjordan89 says:
I play on a course that has a lot of gravel paths and these new shoes are great. No more rolled ankles and they look great!
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