Sun Mountain Speed Cart SV1 Review
By mustang6560 on 3/7/13
By Nathan Trifone, Handicap Index 9.3

The Masters, the unofficial-official start of the golf season, is fast approaching, which means the end of the off season is in sight. For those of you who are smart lucky enough to live in a warm climate, you probably aren't familiar with the term "off season". But, for those of you who are forced to post in The Winter 2013 support group thread because the weather outside isn't suitable for golf, I bet you're counting down the days until you can resume your golf career in earnest!

Regardless of whether or not you've started your season yet, the new year brings new opportunities. I have a friend whose goal for 2013 is to walk more. Not only is it less expensive, it's also healthier. I prefer to walk because I find it helps me stay focused. I feel more connected to the golf course when I walk, plus it does help me stay in shape (anyone who doesn't think golf is physically demanding should walk 18 holes with me on a Mississippi afternoon in July).

If you want to start walking more but you're not keen on the idea of carrying your bag, you should consider buying a push cart like the Sun Mountain Speed Cart SV1. The Company introduced the first three-wheeled push cart back in 1999 and it's been improving it ever since. The SV1 is Sun Mountain's newest push cart and it features three key improvements compared to its predecessor — the Speed Cart V1. The three big differences between the two include a bigger console, a new E-Z Latch System, and solid foam tires.

From Sun Mountain:
The SV1 is the newest model in our popular Speed Cart® Series of push carts. The new E-Z LatchTM System simplifies folding and unfolding the cart and adjusting the handle height. The upgraded accessory tray includes a retractable score card tray and three separate storage compartments, one sized for a range finder.
Sun Mountain sent us a black Speed Cart SV1 to review.

Learn More About The Sun Mountain Speed Cart SV1

As I noted above, Sun Mountain made three noticeable improvements to the SV1. The first is the bigger console. Instead of an one-section console, the Company made it bigger and divided it into three — one larger section for personal items (i.e. cell phones) and two smaller sections on either side for accessories (i.e. golf balls). In addition, they moved the drink holder from the middle of the console to the side (secured with an attachment), which added extra space to the mesh net for additional storage.

New Bigger Console

The new console design is better, however, the drink holder isn't big enough in my opinion. It can hold a 16 ounce Gatorade bottle no problem but it isn't designed to hold anything bigger. Additionally, the drink holder is rigid so it can't hold foam cups, which is what my home course supplies for free. The day I played with the SV1 I forgot to bring a water bottle so I had to put my foam cup in the mesh net (and it's not designed for that).

The second biggest enhancement to the SV1 is the E-Z Latch System, which makes unfolding and folding much easier. Simply pop the latch up, rotate it clock-wise or counter-clock-wise to tighten it or loosen it, then push the latch down to lock it and you're ready to hit the course.

New E-Z Latch System

When your round is over, the SV1 conveniently collapses to fit in the trunk of your car. It doesn't fold up as small as other push carts (folded dimensions are 37" X 16" X 13"), but it's easy to figure out — fold it in the middle and slide the front wheel underneath and you're done. You don't need instructions to figure it out. It's very intuitive.

SV1 Folded Up

At first glance, you might not notice the third enhancement. The V1 featured inflatable rubber tires, which were light-weight but as durable as Sun Mountain wanted. So the Company developed solid foam tires for the SV1. The solid foam tires are light-weight and durable and they grip the terrain nicely.

New Solid Foam Tires


The SV1 is a sturdy, well-built push cart. It's ergonomic design truly makes it easy to push on the course. If I could change one thing I'd make the drink holder bigger or offer two sizes (one for small water bottles and one for big water bottles).

You can pick up the Speed Cart SV1 on Golfsmith's website for $229.99 and it's available in four different colors — blue, charcoal, gold, and silver. The SV1 comes with the drink holder and an umbrella holder, but you can buy additional accessories like the Speed Cart cover, adjustable umbrella holder, sand/seed bottle, Speed-Paq cooler, cart mitts, and Speed Cart seat.

Learn More About The Sun Mountain Speed Cart SV1

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GolfSmith7 says:
Looks like the Clic Gear hmmm. I'll stick with my Clic gear it folds up smaller.
mjaber says:
I think the scorecard holder is the best new feature. I have the V1, and the biggest problem I have with it is that the scorecard holder is on the top of the console cover, which makes it a pain to use.
bducharm says:
Even though our course doesn't allow personal push carts, I look forward to receiving this in our next Addict give away!
GolfSmith7 says:
@bducharm I like how you think. lol
SteveMM says:
Love it, but I'm sure the day I win an Addict giveaway, it will be something like a $3 towel to clean your golf balls ... not a cart worth $230.
sv677 says:
I have had a V1 for several years and it is great. However, the biggest problem is that the courses I want to play don't allow walking. It's all about cart fees and supposedly "faster play". It's not faster if both carts go to all four balls.
Norboo says:
I wanted to like it and buy it but is flips over backwards too easily.
3put says:
IMO this is this one of the worst carts! I had the V1 and thought I was upgrading to the SV1 but no. The V1 was unstable on slopes and if you used the umbrella it would flip backward. The SV1 was much worse and flip backward with only a wet towel hung from the push handle and forget using the umbrella. I now have a Clic Gear, sturdiest cart hands down!
3/11/13 says:
is there a seat for the sv1
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