Tin Cup Ball Marker Review
By mustang6560 on 1/17/13
By Nathan Trifone, Handicap Index 9.3

If you've ever purchased a package of new golf balls, then chances are good you've added a colorful dot or line to each golf ball to declare (temporary) ownership. Eventually you'll either lose it or throw it away but for a brief moment in time, your personal ball mark let's other golfers know not to mess with your golf ball.

I've experimented with different styles of ball marks — single dot, multiple dots, single line, multiple lines, etc. Both golf balls in my trophy case (my hole-in-one golf ball and my 77 golf ball) feature a single dot below the number, but I've recently been drawing three lines on each golf ball — one through the brand name on each side and one through the model name. Neither style is truly unique though. It's difficult to be creative with your ball mark if you're only drawing dots and/or lines on your golf ball.

If you're bored with your current ball mark or you don't have a ball mark, then I have something that may interest you. Tin Cup is a company that makes ball mark stencils and it currently offers over 90 different designs. The company recently sent us three stencils to review and giveaway.

DSF (Draw, Straight, Fade)

LSU Ball Mark

The Jolly Roger

Naturally, I chose the LSU stencil to demo. It took me about five minutes to mark a sleeve of golf balls. I could have marked it faster but I was careful to make sure the ink dried before putting it back into the sleeve. If you don't allow time for the ink to dry, then you'll smear your design, which ruins the look.

Here is what the mark looked like before and after my round of golf. The stencil worked well but I played on really wet golf course so the ink faded quicker than normal.

Before and After

Depending on your style, you can personalize your ball mark further by using different colors and designs. I used different colors (purple and yellow), I outlined the LSU instead of filling it in, and I used two colors to create a lot of different looks. I played with a few of my LSU friends and they were impressed with my ball mark.

My only complaint about the Tin Cup ball mark stencil is it doesn't have an "alignment" aid on the back to help you line up the golf before before you ink it. I'm a little OCD so the fact I may not have been lining up my mark exactly right bothered me. But, that's just me.

Tin Cup has a variety of different stencil categories including animals, colleges, flags, and military to name a few. You can also create a custom stencil. The stencils start at $19.95 and come with a bag to store it. If you're thinking about upgrading your ball mark for the 2013 season and you want to do something more unique than dots or lines, then consider Tin Cup ball mark stencils.

Learn More About Tin Cup Ball Mark Stencils

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bkuehn1952 says:
Did you hear about the 'Bama graduate who kept finding balls marked "nS7" and could not figure out why someone would mark their ball that way?
golfingbumunderpar64 says:
I have some of these and have given away some as gifts. They are pretty neat but you do have to have them dry before use. And it's a good conversation starter when you are playing in a tournament with people you don't know. You know every tells the ball and what kinda dots they have and then you say mine has the " whatever logo you pick" . I don't always use it cause it can awhile to mark your ball if u have a very detailed one. Overall not a bad product.
Matt F says:
My biggest issue with them is the price for a personalised one...$125 for a logo, that's a bit steep.
Johnmartin1 says:
It's hard to be innovative with your ball stamp in case you're just drawing spots as well as lines on your golf ball. Tin Cup is an organization that Help With Assignment Writing makes ball stamp stencils and it right now offers more than 90 distinct plans. The stencil functioned admirably yet I played on truly wet green so the ink blurred speedier than ordinary.
Annie009 says:
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