Kentwool 19th Hole Collection Review
By mustang6560 on 8/20/13
By Nathan Trifone, HCP Index 8.3

With the World Am less than one week away, I've been thinking a lot about socks lately. It might sound ridiculous at first, but I'll be playing golf for six straight days in Myrtle Beach (jealous, anyone?), so it'll be important to take care of my feeters both on and off the course next week. Kentwool, which is known for its wool golf socks, recently launched a new "clubhouse casual" line called the 19th Hole Collection. It's designed to provide comfort and performance from the first to the 19th hole.

From Kentwool:
This full line of "clubhouse casual" socks emphasizes comfort, style and performance—and is engineered with the same care and attention to detail as our premier performance line. Offered in 3 patterns—stripes, argyle, solid—the 19th Hole line features a patented yarn technology by KENTWOOL that ensures these socks won't just look great ... they'll feel great too, day-in, day-out.
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The 19th Hole Collection features a traditional argyle design, which is stylish and classy. Like the Kentwool performance sock, the 19th Hole Collection is made out of a proprietary blend of Super Fine Merino Wool yard called WINDspun, which is one of the softest fibers in the world. The ultra soft fiber is combined with other premium natural and high-tech fibers to create an integrated foot technology system -- or in other words, a very comfortable sock!

The Kent family has been in the wool manufacturing business for a long, long time -- since 1843 to be exact -- but it's relatively new to the golf industry. Mark Kent, current Kentwool CEO, was tired of playing golf with blisters on his feet so he decided to create the World's Best Golf Sock, which are worn by numerous high profile professional golfers including Bubba Watson and Matt Kuchar.

There are four reasons, also known as the "Four W's", to wear Kentwool socks: 1) Weather, 2) Wear, 3) Wicking, and 4) Wallet. Wool is inherently good at absorbing moisture, so it's a great all-weather fiber because it naturally absorbs moisture and wicks it away from your skin. By creating a "micro-climate", it keeps your feet dry in the summer and warm in the winter. In addition, wool is very durable so you won't wear through the 19th Hole Collection socks after only a few rounds, which leads to the final W -- wallet. You'll save money over the life of your Kentwool socks because they're designed to last for multiple seasons.

Kentwool was the first pair of performance golf socks I ever wore on the course and it changed my life. My feeters crave wool now, so I was excited to hear Kentwool launched the 19th Hole Collection. It is truly the perfect "clubhouse casual". Unlike other performance socks, the 19th Hole Collection is versatile so can wear it both on and off the course.

You can pick up a pair of the Kentwool 19th Hole Collection for $28 on in one of three colors -- black, khaki, or navy. You're missing out if you've never spent a few extra buckets to upgrade your golf socks. I won't go as far as to say you're throwing strokes away by not wearing performance golf socks, but do your feeters a favor and at least buy one pair. You'll thank me later!

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Duke of Hazards says:
Say 'feeters' again! Say 'feeters' again! I dare you, I double dare you mother*&^%*!, say 'feeters' one more Goddamn time!
Duke of Hazards says:
Trifone, your reviews are like little gold nuggets. Keep em coming.
metnorm says:
I'm sorry I could never pay 28 bucks for a single pair of socks. I could win the lotto and I still wouldn't be able to explain that much for socks.
jasonfish11 says:
"W -- wallet. You'll save money over the life of your Kentwool socks because they're designed to last for multiple seasons."

Im going to have to call BS on this. I havent bought socks for golf in maybe 3 years and dont plan to do it soon.

My current socks that I bought at the 5th W, Walmart, probably came as a 6 pack for $3 (or less).
falcon50driver says:
It's not "feeters" it's "footsies".
slimpks1850 says:
Well that's the most I've ever read about socks. My tootsies usually have a swoosh across 'em. $28, haa sure.

I'm not a fan of either pro mentioned (at least Kuchar is respectable). Gerry's a dope.
bducharm says:
I have Kentwool socks (not these fancy ones) and I will attest - they are the BEST sock I have ever worn. The definitely do what they will say - keep your feet dry and cool in hot weather and warm and dry in cool weather! LOVE THEM!
mmontisano says:
wool socks on the equator don't mix. i've found running socks suit me quite nice. Nike makes some good ones.
lea33 says: you think there are still places where i can buy these?? think it's a perfect gist for my colleague at >>
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