Mizuno MP-H4 Irons Review
By mootruck98 on 2/27/13
By Kyle Conway, Handicap Index 31.4

So Mustang comes up to me and says "You're just the guy I need to review something." I eagerly awaited to see what he had for me to review. Then he pulls out a set of of Mizuno's new game improvement MP-H4 irons. I pretended to be offended that he thought I needed game improvement irons, but the guise did not last long as he's seen me play and probably knew I already was playing with game improvement irons. So with my failed acting aside I grabbed the box of irons and put them in my truck never to be seen again to review them to the best of my abilities before being beat with a stick to return them they are in a giveaway to go to a fellow oober. Well hopefully that last part doesn't spoil the review to much.

Let's say Mustang chose well as my game needs much improvement and I will take any help a club will give me. Also with the fact that I currently play a TaylorMade Burner set of irons about 3 years old I had a good reference for game improvement irons. While my scores have been abysmal like normal I have felt like my game is turning a corner to a point where I don't feel like a complete hack, but am make good contact semi-consistently and a few holes every round actually I look like a real golfer. Obviously There is a loooong way to go, but when I can focus I will swing the club decently. What am I looking for in a club? I don't need to "work" the ball, or pretend I can do anything fancy with it. I need to make solid contact with it and have as much forgiveness as possible. With that said my swing has improved greatly in the past year and I would like to keep that going, so any feel or feedback a club can provide to let me know when I'm on or off is a bonus. It is a delicate balance for sure but I feel that is what a golfer of my ability should be looking for.

From Mizuno:
The MP-H4™ is a revolutionary new iron that offers the most forgiveness and playability Mizuno has ever introduced to the better player's market. This iron set features seamless blending of iron type hybrid long irons to half-cavity scoring irons. All irons throughout the set are made with our patented Grain Flow Forging process for a soft, solid, consistent feel.
For this review, Mizuno sent us a set of MP-H4 irons, 3-PW with stiff shaft (stand lies).

Learn More About The Mizuno MP-H4 Irons

With a swing like mine, I never have to worry about the look of my clubs embarrassing me, as I can do that on my own. So the look of a club is a plus but not requirement, and to say the least is subjective and up to personal tastes. The MP-H4's are probably the most sleek looking game improvement Irons I've ever seen. The design has a solid back to it with simplistic design. Without a good look and/or keen eye It would be easy to not notice they were game improvement irons. In comparison my Burners have a true open cavity in the back and go out of their way to show off the "structure" that makes them a game improvement iron.

While this leads into the experience section the first thing you notice about these clubs is the variance in sole width from the P-Club to the 3-iron. While most 3-irons have a larger sole than their matching P-Club, this set has extremely dynamic sole widths. The 3-iron's sole is almost twice that of the P-Club, while only being slightly larger than my TaylorMade 3-iron. This has to be the defining feature of the set.

As discussed the variance in sole width is a key design feature in this set. It is meant to provide maximum forgiveness in the longer Irons, while leaning a little to the side of feedback as the clubs get shorter. This is an interesting idea. When I still have a long way to go and am only hoping to advance the ball down the fairway towards the green, the long irons gave me that true game improvement experience. When I tried the 7-iron, it still acted like my 7-iron for the most part, but my solid hits seemed to be grouped a bit closer, but had a few more stragglers when my swing was a little off. Moving down to my P-Club the difference was even more noticeable. It was actually somewhat hard to adjust to it from my P-Club. this is due to the fact that it did not act like a game improvement iron, but more wedge like. I had some great down the line shots with it, but the mis-swings I felt and noticed much more. The good news is that if I had that club in my hand I wasn't too far away from the green so a mishit usually wasn't too bad. With only a couple trips out with these clubs I did not get used to the P-Club, but I'm sure I would if I got to spend "quality time" with it. I think Mizuno filled a need with this set. As it can bridge the gap between those needing game improvement irons, and those searching for the feel of blades, to train themselves to improve their swings as well as their games.

To describe the experience I had with these clubs in a bit more detail I want to talk about the feel. With my Burners the impact of the hit is very dull throughout the set. With the MP-4H set the impact with the 7-iron felt much more crisp than my Burners. By the time you hit the 3-iron you started to feel that dull impact again. Go the other direction to the P-Club and you get tons of feedback and a well struck ball has as crisp of an impact as I've felt.

Overall, my impression of the Mizuno MP-4H irons is very high. I truly enjoyed hitting them and think they have hit the mark by filling a need of a "tweener" set to ween people off game improvement irons. While Mustang had to beat me with a stick to get these back, if I'm brutally honest I'm not going to rush out to buy a new set of these. When I do go shopping for another set though, these will be at the top of my list. Hopefully by the end of the season I will be breaking 100 regularly and I will reward myself with a new set of MP-4Hs, but its hard to justify a new set until I can improve the consistency of my swing a bit more. So on the patented oobgolf rating scale I would have to give these clubs a solid 8.8. In true tweener fashion that puts them between Very Good and Awesome, leaning to the side of Awesome. Their biggest strength is also their biggest weakness in that they are a tweener set. They are perfect for golfers in that transition, but if they are truly transitioning I'm not sure how long they will be a perfect fit, thus I can't quite break into the 9's with a rating.

Learn More About the Mizuno MP-H4 Irons

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DougE says:
These irons are very attractive. I would really like to try them. They are designed/targeted at 3-14 handicappers, according to Mizuno. I looked at them in person at Golfsmith just last week. Up close they are not as hot as a blade style players club, but they sure look hot from a short distance away. The heads are not as small as one might hope if you really like to work the ball, but they do look like you could work it if you try. I would really like to take these for a test drive. I love my Titleist AP2s, but these look a tad more forgiving, yet also look like they could give me the same workability. Some days, I need more forgiveness, for sure. I'd bet they fit nicely between my blade-style AP2s and the much clunkier game improvement AP1s, of which I don't like the look. Nathan, do you need another perspective on these? I'm available to demo them....or just win them in the Addict giveaway.
Kurt the Knife says:
Kinda look a lot like MX-100's without the Y-tune (pfft) thingy.
sachin10 says:
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