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By davidhorne on 5/21/13
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By David Horne, Handicap Index -2.3

I've never been able to wear a watch on the golf course. Heck, I don't even like to wear long sleeves. When I do, I find myself pushing the sleeves up to my elbows to give my wrists freedom. But when SkyGolf sent me their new GPS Golf Watch to review (full disclosure: SkyCaddie sent me a free watch to review), I thought, it's a watch, GPS rangefinder, odometer and more. This should be fun!

From SkyCaddie:
The SkyCaddie Watch isn't just another golf GPS watch! It's an attractive, lightweight, flexible and comfortable everyday sport watch that just happens to provide superior performance on the golf course. Powered by Core Golfer Technology and golf's only ground-verified course maps; start playing better golf and having more fun with the new SkyCaddie Watch from the highest-rated and most-trusted rangefinder in golf.
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The new SkyCaddie watch comes in two colors, black and white. I received a white one to match my white iphone, white golf shoes and un-tanned legs. OB stakes anyone?

The simple and minimal design is very nice. The screen is subtly large, easily displaying distance yardages, time or odometer measurements.

The color has a matte finish and there is just enough going on with buttons and green and black accent colors to look classy without being a distraction. This is especially important for me on the course because I prefer to concentrate on hitting the ball.

One of the things that impressed me the most about the watch was how unobtrusive it was during play. Several times at the start of the round, I forgot I was wearing it. I'd go looking for a sprinkler head halfway across the fairway, then remember I had it on and turn around. Even at address, it stayed out of the way. It was there when I needed it, and disappeared when I didn't.

I'm familiar with the accuracy and precision of SkyCaddie products, having used the SGXw for close to a year, so my expectations for the watch were high. The golf GPS watch performed flawlessly. My front, middle and back yardages were spot on.

In fact, the course I played (Grandover Resort East) has GPS in the cart, and my playing partners started asking me for yardages instead of looking at the dashboard in the cart. The auto course, auto hole and auto distance technology was intuitive and fast. There wasn't a single time where I waited for the device to catch up.

Off the course, the SkyCaddie watch worked well too. Obviously it tells time, but in addition it offers a stopwatch, alarm and odometer. I have to say I didn't test the GPS watch on a run. No one was chasing me, so...

The battery seemed to hold a charge well, using about 50% of it's power during the five hour round. I kept it on for the rest of the evening, during dinner and at a Greensboro Grasshoppers baseball game. When I returned home to charge it, the SkyCaddie Watch read 17% battery remaining.

There aren't really any negatives that I could find. My cons are more personal preferences than flaws or problems.

First, the watch's automation was so fast, I got a little impatient waiting for the menu to display. You have to hold down one of the buttons on the watch for 2 seconds (I timed it) to bring up the options menu.

Second, I had a little trouble getting the charging clip to connect. It uses a standard clip format for GPS watches similar to that of a Garmin. After a few tries, I got the hang of it, but you still have to make sure all the contact points are connected.

SkyCaddie has truly produced a "turn it on and tee it up device." The watch is ultra convenience and doesn't inhibit play or swinging the club.

Like all SkyCaddie products, the watch does require an inexpensive (about the cost of a Starbuck's and large bucket of balls) membership plan. However, it's worth every penny knowing each course is ground mapped as only SkyCaddie's are, not to mention all the benefits they've built in their membership programs with SkyRewards.

Again, because the data is reliable and precise, the distances were accurate and the watch performed beautifully.

Off the course, it wears as well as any sports watch, if not better, due to it's lightweight build.

Overall, I was really impressed with the watch. I plan on using it often, especially on courses where I'm familiar with the layout.

Learn More About the SkyCaddie Watch

David Horne is a former pro golfer turned writer and entrepreneur. He's been an oober since 2008. You can find him blogging about golf at, and entrepreneurship at

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falcon50driver says:
I was amused by this statement......"In fact, the course I played (Grandover Resort East) has GPS in the cart, and my playing partners started asking me for yardages instead of looking at the dashboard in the cart.".......That tells me one thing, there were different readings. OK so which one was correct? Neither one. GPS has inherent accuracy tolerances.+ or - ten feet and more. Even two identical units in the same cart won't agree.We found this out when we all started using sky caddies. Then there are the people who think there's enough difference in golf balls to only use one brand, but won't use a laser to get the exact distance, saying the GPS is close enough for me. If you think GPS is close enough you might as well use golf balls that are yellow on one side from sitting on the bottom of a pond.
Backquak says:
falcon, my gps has always been spot on with the lasers, the only difference being if the flag is 1 yard further back than center or something like that, which is close enough that I will be hitting the same club with either devise.
Kickntrue says:
Haven't seen the watch yet- but good on you disclosing the fact above- and then also having an outside party review it. Well done- and looks promising.
uggy1 says:
Purchased a sky caddie watch from pga store had it 2 days now wont charge sky caddie told me they wont fix it rubbish company don't buy skycaddie buy a garmin.
alvinaash says:
Haven't seen the watch yet- but good on you disclosing the fact above- and then also having an outside party review it. Well done- and looks promising. online assignment writer
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