Cleveland Smart Square Putter Review
By mustang6560 on 10/31/13
The Odyssey White Hot 2-Ball putter, which was released in the early 2000s, was a very popular and a very successful model. In fact, the Company has released several iterations of the 2-Ball design since its initial release over a decade ago. But Cleveland has created an alternative called the Smart Square Putter, which may prove to be even more popular and even more successful than the 2-Ball design.

The key feature of the Smart Square putter is the Dual Axis Alignment. According to Cleveland, the square design is 23% more accurate than the circle design. The reason is because the two squares create two parallel lines, which help you identify your line, and two perpendicular lines, which help you make sure you're square to your line.

From Cleveland:
With the Cleveland Smart Square Putter, two squares are better than two circles. Discover easier, more consistent alignment and incredible confidence on the green with Cleveland's Dual Axis alignment. Two parallel lines extend from the center of the face to frame the ball perfectly down the line, and two perpendicular lines offer instant feedback when the putter is misaligned at address. The result is faster, more reliable alignment on every putt.

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Inside 10 feet, I struggle with my putting alignment (I pick the wrong line too often) so I was very interested in the Smart Square putter. Conceptually, the idea that a square design is better than a circle design makes sense to me. And in practice, I found it to be true, too. I felt like I was able to better visualize my intended line with the parallel lines running from the top of the putter down the line, and the perpendicular lines helped me make sure I was square to my intended line. Did I make every putter inside 10 feet? No. If I could do that I would be playing alongside Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, but I definitely saw an improvement with my alignment, which gave me more confidence. And ultimately, putting is all about confidence.

In addition to the Dual Axis Alignment, the Smart Square putter also features a Copolymer Face Insert and a High MOI Design, which adds forgiveness on off-center hits. Generally, I am not a fan of putter inserts because, in my opinion, they do not provide as much feedback (which I like). However, I could barely tell the Smart Square putter had an insert.

The only downside to the Smart Square putter is you can't flip it around to scoop up your golf ball like you can with a blade putter (and some mallets). As such, you have to bend over to pick up your golf ball off the turf. But it's a moot point if you're bending over to pick your golf ball out of the hole.

Here is a new trailer for the Smart Square putter.

The Smart Square putter hits stores November 15, 2013, and is available in a variety of options including both heel- and center-shafted models and an Almost Belly model. The traditional length models (33"—35") feature a 360-gram head, while the Almost Belly, which is designed to provide an alternative to anchoring, features a 39-inch shaft with a 158-gram grip (2.5 times heavier than standard) and a 400-gram head. You can pick up a Smart Square putter on for $139.99 (Almost Belly version is $179.99).

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jasonfish11 says:
I'm not sure I like the "almost belly" idea. Sticking something in my "almost belly" might result in a painful outcome.
legitimatebeef says:
Hideous contraption. More proof that people will do stop at nothing just for the hope of making more putts. Shameless.
bducharm says:
"Almost belly" > "Almost pregnant"????
jfurr says:
I like it.
hp says:
They took a page out of the APPLE commercials…ha.

This putter alignment system makes sense. I’d try one if they ever made a heel shafted mini version.

Almost belly putters, which is a counter balance putter, helps a lot of players I know. 3 people I play with use these ‘almost belly’ putters and they all love it.
DougE says:
Can you imagine Arnold Palmer pulling out a putter like this back in the 60s? People would think it (and he) was from another planet. As far as I'm concerned, it is. IMO putting should not be so mechanically dependent. I feel it, I putt it. Anything more to think about and I usually miss badly.
windowsurfer says:
Or buy this one for $30 and send $109.99 to the Philippines. I built one for my buddy Rick and he is sinking everything. I put this cool shaft in it:
ravinamboori says:
This putter alignment system makes sense. I’d try one if they ever made a heel shafted mini version.
alvinaash says:

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