Facebook Integration
By Kickntrue on 11/3/07
Facebook Application
Scores posted in oobgolf now flow into your Facebook profile automatically. We will also slowly be expanding what parts of oobgolf appear directly within the Facebook website. See more details and install our facebook application here.

Facebook Authentication
Oobgolf is focuse on being as seemless as possible and to some we don't want to be another username and password you have to remember. Now you can authenticate using your Facebook account and never again need to remember your oobgolf password.

Profile Improvements
Change your oobgolf username as well as choose what country you live in. Our international users will soon be getting much friendlier service as we expand more country support throught out site. You can find all of thse changes in your profile page on the left hand column under "Actions" by clicking "Edit Profile."

As always, we look forward to your feedback...

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chipotle mg says:
this might help get more oobgolf attention, which is nice. but i dont want facebook or any other site to swallow oob in a merger. $0.02
Kickntrue says:
We appreciate the concern, but don't worry to much. We simply have an application that integrates. We are one of thousands of applications. It's something we do to make it better for our users, but Facebook doesn't even really know we exist... so ... I don't think you need to worry about them knocking down our door anytime soon. oob is here to stay.
cdiego says:
i have facebook and oobs with another. how do i match them?
cdiego says:
sorry. i have them with different user ids. Facebook and oobs. how can i make facebook see my oobs user?
jfblaze says:
How can I remove the facebook linking.
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