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By Kickntrue on 11/12/07
We've updated our Groups pages and fixed a couple bugs that made it difficult to get the most out of the feature. If you are new to the site or even tried groups in the past but couldn't get everything you wanted out of them, check them out again.

The changes we made include:
* Overall Group Leaderboards- Before you could only see the time specific leaderboards within the groups. You can now see a leaderboard showing stats for the life of the group.
* We fixed a bug that was making it difficult to join groups that don't require authorization from the group's creator. You can now join any public group.
* A group administrator now has the power to remove members. If someone is creating a problem or no longer wishes to be in the group they can be removed.

Those small changes should make the user experience much better. Here is an overview of what else groups have to offer and how to find them in oobgolf. now offers "Groups" as an additional way to track your game with family, friends and leagues. Creating and/or joining a group gives you the ability to have a private leaderboard and stat tracking for competition between a subset of golfers within the oob system.

Leaderboards can be ranked by net score, gross score, scores minus par, or USGA differential. Leaderboards can also roll-over every year, quarter, month, or week depending on how often your group plays.

The main page for groups is here. Join a group that is already started or add your own. Some example groups might be:
- your extended family
- your group of golfers that you play with every week
- old college friends
- all the golfers in a city, county, or state
- an actual golf league

You can also find the link for groups under the dropdown of "Golfers" and on your "My Game" page it has been added to the navigation on the left.

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stevewalker9 says:
Thanks for making the updates! Here's one that I hope you can make too! Is it possible as the group administrator to add group members golf scores. It's a real pain to get everybody in our group to enter their scores. I would like to add everybody's score in at one time. Doesn't look like this can be done right now. Hope you can make that happen! Steve
Eerepeer says:
Dear OOBgolf,
I tried to copy the HTML-source for the leaderboard in my own webpage. It does work, but with the wrong group. My group is I think groupid =1944. But I get data from a testgroup or something like that. If you want I can send you a screenshot.

What did I do wrong?

Best regards,
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