New Charts- Please Give Feedback
By Kickntrue on 1/4/08
We've been working on new charts to better track your stats. We have put the first version of our work live on the site for you to check out, because we want your feedback. Please leave comments with ideas on how to help. To find the new chart- go to your "My Game" page and click "Development" on the left side under Reports.

For a quick example of what everyone's chart should look like, here is Kevin's Chart.

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Sujmr says:
I absolutly love the new charts. The longer I play on this site the more I love it. Keep up the great work! Sujmr-NC
LexMacar says:
nEW charts are haX0r guys. . . lol

i like them a lot keep up the good work.
Steveberrywv says:
I usually play once a week, sometimes twice if I am lucky enough. When not golfing I am a stat junkie. Always looking at charts and figures to figure what I need to do and where to improve on. The new charts are great. You are making it a lot simplier to figure where I need to work on. Can't wait to see what is next. Great Job )0bgolf!
chipotle mg says:
i cannot get the new charts to load. is this just my computer?
klangdon says:
chipotle mg, we still have some kinks to work out, maybe you can help us. Could you email some deatils about your computer setup (os, browser, etc) along with exactly what you are seeing to info at
sidewinder0613 says:
mattlagolf says:
I love the new features!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jaredheaton says:
The new charts are sweet!! Nice job!!
Pete says:
The new charts are GREAT. Being able to see any single or multiple line at a time is a nice feature. Thanks for keeping color coded and sharp.
DeepRough says:
nice work boys!
duecebomb says:
the chart is pretty sweet, love it
helfon says:
Nice job. One bug it seems. I added Piper Glen in Springfield, IL to the filter by course box and then was unable to remove it.
chipotle mg says:
i now can get the charts to load and they are awesome. i especially enjoy the course filter as it allows you to compare your rounds more accurately by weeding out easy courses. i'm excited thanks!
mantajim says:
The new charts are great! I would like to suggest a 20 round simple moving average (SMA. This would help to smooth things out for us high & volatile handicappers and would give a better sense of the trend of our scores. I salute your efforts at improving oobgolf.
jaybee500 says:
what really would be nice is too add something to tell where u need help more and why
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