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Course Finder Update & Desktop Backgrounds
By Kickntrue on 2/26/08
Our Course Finder is now in navigation on the site and we've made some upgrades and improvements to it. Check out that. Also- while staring at it for so long- we came up with another idea and created some cool images to use as desktop backgrounds. You can check them out and download them if you want from below.

We're thinking of blowing up the images and framing them for our oobgolf offices. Would anyone else want one, we could probably get them made and sell them for a reasonable price?

Desktop Downloads
1440 x 900
1280 x 1024
1024 x 768

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klangdon says:
Its unbelievable how many courses there are... When you look at those larger pictures and imagine that each little white pixel is actually a 200 acre golf course, its insane.
falcon50driver says:
And you said golf was on the wane... Well like I said...I'm gonna quit...just as soon as I play all the courses you show on the map. Then I'm done with this silly game.
Cal says:
Very Schmick! I think I might start adding some for Australia.
falcon50driver says:
3. schmick

Exclamation of admiration, agreement, praise

John has a new ball, it's schmick

"Do you like that dog?"
"Yeah its a schmick dog"
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