Equipment Is Live
By Kickntrue on 4/24/08

oobgolf is proud to announce "equipment" to our site. The equipment section in the past has been a storefront, but we've been spending the past 2 months working on something amazing for our users. We'll really need your help to make it work.

You can now add equipment to "my bag" and then have that equipment tied into your scores. The tying into scores part is going to take a couple more days but should be active by the end of this week. For now it's still good to create your bag so it will be easy to go back and tie in old scores quickly.

The new feature also has users rate equipment and see what others are playing with. In the future we'll be able to show stats with different brands and clubs.

What really makes our equipment database unique is that we don't go out and buy an equipment database like other sites. To stay free and continue to have the best user experience (not to mention up-to-date equipment) the database is completely user created and maintained. We have started things off with most of the major brands but now it's up to you guys to add equipment that may be missing. Please rate anything you've played with. Add new equipment and brands. Please add pictures. Within a short amount of time our database will be robust and you'll have a major part in that. It only takes seconds (literally seconds!) to add a new piece of equipment not in our system and having your complete bag will definitely be worth it for the stats.

There are a lot of ways to get to the new equipment feature. The equipment drop down on the main menu bar will get you started. You can also find it from you "my game" page on the left hand column. You should see a new link for "equipment" in the first set of quick links. Play around with it and PLEASE leave feedback. There could be a couple bugs to start with so drop a note in comments or shoot us emails.

Equipment Home

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chipotle mg says:
love the addition!
DeepRough says:
great work guys!
jaredheaton says:
NickMdet says:
Love this feature, I'm all updated. Can't wait to see who's hitting what
Kickntrue says:
You should have that access now.
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