New Look and More Content!
By Kickntrue on 10/16/06
oobgolf has been a slow process in the making, with weekly updates and features being added as opportunity has allowed. We are pleased to announce, starting Monday, October 16th, that we are going daily. Bookmark the site and start making it a daily read.

We are now able to commit more time to the content development of and will be bringing daily features such as polls, daily links to golf links around the web, and revamped forums with more focus on generating meaningful golf discussion.

The whole process won't take place overnight, but this is definately a new beginning, and one we are very happy about as the 2006 golf season slows and we are left with more time to talk golf to fill the void of the time we spent playing golf.

We look forward to having you join us!

-oobgolf staff-

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klangdon says:
The above doesn't mention it, but hopefully everyone notices this new user comments area on a few of the pages...
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