Equipment Now Tied To Rounds/Stats
By Kickntrue on 4/30/08
The equipment you use can now be tracked with each score you enter into oobgolf. If you have not yet created a "bag" of your gear this would be a good time to do it- so those clubs can be tied into your performance.

There are a couple things to know that will help you get started. The first of which is to create your bag if you have not done so. That will make the process a heck of a lot easier for you.

Now that you've done that it should be pretty intuitive (we hope). Enter a score as you usually would but instead of only 3 steps there is now a fourth option for equipment. It should look something like the screen shot to the right.

On the right click "add" and your equipment should fill into the left box. Remove or add any other pieces of equipment as necessary based on that round. When you submit or edit a score you will now see the equipment listed on your final scorecard page (example).

Tips and Important Things To Note
  • Each piece of equipment in your bag now has a "stats" button beside it in your "my equipment" page. This shows you some simple stats with each piece of equipment in your bag. The look of this page is still being worked on but the data should be working.(example)

  • Past scores can all be edited to tie in equipment. Unfortunately there is no way to just say- "add bag to all". Because each individual piece of equipment is tied to the scores versus a "bag" being tied to the scores we felt this wasn't possible, especially for people who often change equipment. It should be pretty simple to create a standard bag to cover past scores and add it one at a time. We realize some people have hundreds of scores in oob- so you can decide if you'd like to go back and edit scores a couple at a time or just start from here on forward.

  • A tip for making editing of old scores even faster is to create a second bag of old gear you've played with if you've switched equipment. That way you can simply attach a separate bag of equipment to old scores instead of adding and subtracting each individual piece manually.

  • It's a work in progress. We are very happy to have this feature running on oobgolf. But we realize it's brand new and something no other site has attempted to do. If you see mistakes, bugs or just have ideas and feedback- please let us know.

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jerdman says:
I think its working great so far. I like that you can see how you did with or without that piece of equipment. The only thing that would be nice is if the equipment was arranged so that its more organized when viewing such as: Driver/woods/hybrids/irons/wedges/putters/ball/misc. junk
hogan72 says:
I like this feature alot. I'm thinking I will search for other golfers with handicaps a little lower than mine to see what equipment they are playing. I wonder if an icon could be added to the leaderboard or somewhere else to indicate that a golfer has created his/her bag? This way you could click right through to it...Either way, it's a great addition.
waterboy454 says:
At least in the future I will be able to list the sticks I keep in my bag. That is when my gear is a bit newer, the old Hogan blades I am proud of though..
klangdon says:
Feel free to also create a seperate bag of your "dream clubs" or "wishlist"... Only your default bag will get attached to scores.
klangdon says:
jerdman, ordering should now be working the way you mentioned...
silentfink says:
If we have equipment that is not listed, how might we request it to be added?
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