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Score Entering And My Courses Improvements
By Kickntrue on 5/9/08
Now that we have the major task of adding "Equipment" to oobgolf in the rear view we are now taking care of a lot of the suggestions given to us by our users.

Score Entering
Entering a score should now be much quicker. It is now set up so when you enter a number the system automatically "tabs" to the next spot. Instead of clicking to each new box or even using the "tab key" it should move forward automatically. The only case where you should still have to click or tab manually is if you hit a hole-in-one. In that case... you can deal with it (and send me $4 to buy me a drink on your behalf). The only other "issue" this could create is if you score 20 or over on a single hole. In this case... maybe you should quit golf- just kidding. Take a 19. I swear, we won't tell. (Just kidding- You actually can enter a score of over 20. In this case just mouse click back up to your score and enter the second digit and it will start automatically moving for you from there.)

My Courses
One of the most asked items on forums is how to add a course to "favorite" courses so you didn't have to search for a course each time you want to enter a score. The other complaint was that if you played a course once and rated it well- it was on your favorite courses list above those you may play more often. Rating courses was the key to adding a course to the list.

You can now add a course to your "My Game" page and your score entering list by clicking "Add To My Courses" on each individual course page. This will automatically add the course to your list when entering a score. It should save you some time. To start we've automatically added any course you've played at least 4 times to your list. From here on out- you must manually add a course for it to go on that list. You can also delete courses if you no longer play them or you don't want them on the list for any reason you choose.

Clubs From Tee
When entering a score and choosing "club from tee" you can now choose "2 iron" at the request of a couple users.

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Gleighton says:
It was be nice to have the option to track distance off the tee and also direction of that you missed the fairway or green. Short, left, right etc...

One other wish list item down the road might be the ability to pull up what club you used last time on the same hole while you are on the course.
klangdon says:
all of these things are on there way...
ronphoto says:
For those of us that use multiple hybrids, the option of 2h, 3h, 4h, 5h, etc. would be very helpful.
WhiskeyFingers says:
Is there a way to get additional statistics on the fairways or greens hit based on the club used off the tee?
klangdon says:
ronphoto, if you are using hybrids as replacement of woods or irons, we feel you should log them as such. see discussion here:
klangdon says:
WhiskeyFingers, these stats are coming. the club off tee data will show first in mobile for onsite suggestions and shortly after that we should have them in reports on the site...
andyk215 says:
Would be nice to have option to view our stats based on course played. Even nicer would be hole by hole avg, no. of birdies, par, bogeys, etc. Latest updates really make it easier to enter scores...
chipotle mg says:
andy, you can do the no. or birdies, par, bogeys per round as of right now if you go to game development and select this from the right hand menu. if you put in only one course at the bottom right, you can compare the no. of birdies you got every time you've played a particular course. the hole by hole thing would be nice, i agree.
falcon50driver says:
I was pleasantly surprised to find the addition of eagles,birdies,pars,bogies on my game page....... how about aces?
waterboy454 says:
you guys are the POW! and you know what im talking about if you've seen Jack Hamm and the Hammer!
Wink says:
Great site btw... with 2 questions. The interface for FIR is a bit clunky. Any thought to change that to simply checking the box rather than a drop down? Also are there any plans for taking ESC into account. It would certainly make it easier if the max score was posted for us in the hole by hole entry. Thanks
Reg says:
I am trying to get a course into my favorites. I can't find "Add To My Courses" on each individual course page. Need Help!
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