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More Small Changes (Including Scrambles)
By Kickntrue on 5/14/08
We've added a few more small changes to the site including the ability to choose the kind of round you are playing (tournament, standard, practice, or scramble) to let you track scores that won't affect your handicap. We've also added some additional stats to your "my game" page including total numbers of birdies, pars and bogies.

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sdmatt says:
Nice changes for those of us who play in a lot of scrambles.
TaylorFade says:
Yeah, love the totals feature. I wouldn't have guessed I had that many birdies. And apparently I'm a par machine.

I would definitely have 10-15 more rounds in if we had the scramble thing all year. Nice addition.
smepple says:
Great addition! Going forward, will it be possible to sort stats by round 'type'? It would be very helpful to be able to isolate my development graphs to 'standard' rounds only.

eric123 says:
I really enjoy your handicap tracker. A nice addition might be to have a place to record the club used to approach the green. Then if we could sort across rounds, it would enable us to determine the clubs (or distances) where we have the greatest probability of hitting a green in regulation. It might enable us to determine which approach clubs are our "friends" and which are our "enemies." Anyway, something to think about.
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