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A Few Score Entering Updates
By Kickntrue on 5/29/08
You can now choose between a fairway hit, missed left, missed right. Sand shots have changed from a check mark to a number of sand shots per hole- helping people like me. We are also displaying penalties and sand shots on the post round scorecards. More to come soon... and I mean it's going to be SWEET.

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volleyhart says:
Really cool ideas, looking forward to seeing the rest! Not interested in seeing that picture again, however.
golf_ejr says:
Excellent job, keep it coming!
jerdman says:
feed the addiction
theredmission says:
Nice now I can track how many times I slice the ball, which of course is about 75% of the time of the tee...ugh.
puttnut says:
You guy's are doing a great job with all of the improvements you're making. How about adding a column for greens ACTUALLY hit in regulation, that can be entered by the user? Was that photo taken by a "crack" photographer? Sorry, I just couldn't let that line go by.
puttnut says:
Man, I gotta post a better picture of myself. Jeez !!!
klangdon says:
puttnut, greens hit in regulation is calculated based on your score, putts, and par. we do it this way to make it easier for users and to prevent disreprencies.
falcon50driver says:
Jeez, Is that a disreputable....screpency?
K_Rich10 says:
love the new report with a hole by hole on each course total statistical breakdown. I can figure out which holes are giving me problems and why. keep up the great work!
Phanz88 says:
Great work
Howzit says:
Keep doing a great job!! I've been searching for something like this for a LONG time!
Smokey says:
The new(ish) report is marvelous!
Accept suggestions? Could we get a way to track (other than just round notes) who we've play with each time? I only say this because I'm a stats junkie (I'm in an outpatient program to get me off the linear regressions)- and I've noticed the beginning of a trend where my score varies slightly dependant upon what comrades are present... thoughts?
grsonnierjr says:
Is it possible to add a stat for up and downs?
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