Live Scoring Is Now More Awesome
By Kickntrue on 7/7/08
Live Mobile Scoring has been upgraded to include some great new features- including Live Smack Talk.

Smack Talk
You asked for it. We've delivered. The comments you leave on the live score will now be directed to the golfer and he or she can respond. Umm... this could get ugly... and fun! Sure- it's great watching a buddy play golf while you are stuck at work, but how much more fun will it be to tell him or her how much they suck because of it?!

Shotgun Starts
You can now pick your starting hole. In a lot of cases that has been people asking just to start on hole 10 instead of 1, but any hole can be used. Shotgun starts are now mobile-ready.

See All Current Live Scores
This is a feature that is great if you are at a course with a couple groups or watching a tourney where someone may be using live scoring. From your mobile you can now view all live scores being played. I know we have a couple junior and amateur players playing in events this summer using mobile- and this should help you if you are on the course but a step or two away from the action.

Search By City
It is a little easier to find a course now. Some people were having problems searching by course now- so you can now narrow it down by city as well.

See Past Hole by Hole Scores
If for any reason you want to see previous hole-by-hole scoring while away from your computer you can do this now with your mobile device. I can see this playing out in two ways. The first is to settle a bet over drinks. The second is when you're out at the bar trying to impress a girl with your golf scores. Ha- good luck.

Anyway- some pretty awesome things! Thanks to everyone who sent us suggestions to help us make mobile what it has become. I think pretty much every suggestion was due to a request. If it's been awhile since you've tried mobile you should check it out again. A lot of the early issues have been fixed along the way as well- like double scores.

As always- it's still a work in progress. Please leave feedback so we can make it better.

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Josh says:
Awesome, can't wait to try it on on my next round!
Mattlite says:
I love live scoring like it's my own child. Thanks for the the updates!
theredmission says:
Love it! I'm finally getting a smart phone in a couple weeks and can't wait to use it for live scoring.
Lexus Keoninh says:
thanks again guys. love the smack talk feature!
volleyhart says:
Josh, when's your next round? I've got some comments to throw around.
kkjacks says:
I can not wait to try this once I finally get an iPhone on the 11th!
jbrower86 says:
Live scoring is the most awesome thing to happen to golf since the dimpled ball.

It made my new purchase of a blackjack II far more valuable than I ever could have imagined.

You guys rule.
Team Lexus says:
Keep up the good work guys! Love your site!
ecss08 says:
Live scoring is great I love the fact that it predicts a score for that round... To bad it doesnt know how much I suck... Well maybe it does lol. But its awsome no more calculating, at the end of a round, just goto straight to the club house for a drink.
grsonnierjr says:
I have a question. I have a NOKIA 6085. I talked with my wireless provider and they have web plans that I can add for my phone to access the internet. They have a 5Mb plan and a 15Mb plan. So questions now...The details I read said that tested new NOKIA's, Is the 6085 one of the models that will work. And if yes, which size plan would I need to add to my plan with this site. The 5Mb or 15Mb?
wiseguy002 says:
I just used this feature two days ago. I loved it. While my buddies were writing the scores on the scorecard I was able to update real time on my blackberry curve! The site was great, I was afraid of the mobile browser being up for too long and timing out but it wasn't an issue at all. I'll never go back to scorecards again! It was so handy to be able to remember which club I used off the tee, how far I drove, if I missed left or right. This is great guys! Thanks OOBGOLF!
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