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Putts After GIR Added
By Kickntrue on 7/29/08
We added a new stat to check out (and in my case be depressed about)- The number of putts after a Green In Regulation. You can find the new number in your "My Game" page in the series of stats and info we give you at the top of your profile. As with averaging stats displayed here, it is based on your last 20 scores.

Hopefully you're number isn't as bad as mine! (2.34 putts after a GIR- ugggh) Expect a new stat article and some more short game stats in the near future from us. It's time to focus on scoring!

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jerdman says:
Thank you for this stat. and to my surprise its only a 2.02. Good things happen if you can get that below a 2.
possingk says:
Well your 2.34 beats my 2.36, so don't be too depressed.
mr_hungry says:
Hear an amusing phrase for the 3-putt bogie that takes the sting out of it just a little:

Random 4th after putting out- "Geez, another falcon."
Me - "Huh?"
4th -"Friggin' Maltese Falcon. Had a birdie putt, wound up with a bogie."

I try to use it as little as possible.
kkjacks says:
I don't get it... but with my 2.2 I will have plenty of chances to use it.
kkjacks says:
Will you guys be adding this to the "Game Development" chart as well?
drew1473 says:
well looks like im at the bottom... 2.38. i know what i need to work on.
hogan72 says:
I falcon way too much. mr_hungry, what do you call a 4 putt double bogie?
nickmomrik says:
This is a very interesting stat. My average is 1.86, but goes up to 2.05 after GIR.
hogan72 says:
i think golfers have a tendency to either run birdie putts way past the hole or leave them way too short because birdie chances are exciting and nerve-wracking. (and, often few and far between for mid, high handicappers who don't play as much as they would like to!!)
jonnie1putt says:
my 2.35 puts me sucking .01 more than you. Hummm...something to work on. FYI jonnie1putt is my "goal" nick name, like you need help figuring that out by this stat!
El Presidente says:
Thank you!!
Now you can compare apples to apples and quantify the difference between amateurs and pros (being that the PGA reports putts GIR)
Thanks OOB!!!!!
M.Nugent says:
2.5 but 1.96 overall.
brycerudd says:
This is a good stat to know. Thanks for the constant updates to the site!
magolf says:
Thank you now i can compare my putting to pgatour guys. Another great stat would be scrambling%
TaylorFade says:
1.63 avg. 1.85 after GIR. Lovely.

Wait... does that mean my chips are closer than my first putts?
Josh says:
It means you blow your putts more after you play the rest of the hole well...

I wonder what it is about golf that causes that trend... performance anxiety?
Team Lexus says:
I love it! I can really use this!
kenjab says:
Just looked at PGA Tour stats this year. Overall putts per hole ranged between 1.53 and 1.72. Putts per GIR was from 1.71 to 1.86.

It makes sense though. When you're on a green in regulation, you're generally hitting the green from a pretty good distance away (usually 100+ yards), and therefore pretty far from the hole initially. When you're not on a GIR, you're typically hitting onto the green from pitching or even chipping distance. So your first putt will typically be closer on a non-GIR hole than when you hit the GIR.
klangdon says:
putts after gir is a truer test of your putting skills as it is putts from a more average lenght away from hole.

average putts at times is more of a testiment to your chipping skills. as often a 1 putt has more with your ability to start close to the hole vs a great first putt.
Huckleberry says:
TaylorFade -

Not at all. If you have a 1.63 putts per hole average and a 1.85 after GIR then your first putts are better than your chips.

Look at it this way - you are averaging 1.63 putts per hole after your chip/pitch shot. You are averaging 0.85 putts per GIR after your first putt.
msirkin says:
2.46. maybe i should start putting with my eyes closed.
ToddRobb says:
Great stat!! I've used several stat tracking softwares over the years, this is the first time I've seen it used. Nice work guys.

1.71 and 1.87 Whoo Hooo!!!
falcon50driver says:
1.84 1.99 Interesting stat.
bladesmizuno says:
Haven't used the stat yet but all I can say is that I played yesterday and I had 4 three-putts and each one occurred after a GIR. The one-putts happen when I'm scrambling. Head case...
turk944 says:
2.11 vs 2.43 YIKES!!! looks like I've blown more chances to score than I remember
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