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By Kickntrue on 8/22/08
You don't need to have a data plan to use Mobile oobgolf. I'll try to break down "normal" cell phone costs. My normal I mean anyone who's phone has data capability but who isn't paying $20-$40 bucks per month to their provider for an unlimited data plan and internet usage.

I think a lot of people (myself included) fear accidently messing with their phone and hitting the web browser button because we've come to expect that cell phone companies will rip us off. This is only partially true in the case of mobile oobgolf.

Breakdown- It's all about the MB
The way cell companies charge when using your data on a mobile phone is per Megabyte (MB). For non-techies that is a measurement of data transferred. On a computer when surfing the internet a MB is a very small amount of data. On a mobile phone- it can be pretty significant.

The thing to remember is that you are charged per MB of data sent/received, NOT how long you are "connected" to the network. Despite the fact that a round of golf can take up to 5 hours, Mobile oobgolf only uses 1/8 of a MB for an entire round. So what does that mean? Well, most companies charge around $1.99 per MB- so in theory it costs around $.25 per round to do live scoring in your cell phone per round.

The "Catch"
The catch with mobile companies is that they all round up to the nearest MB of data used- so if you only do 1 round of living scoring- they are going to round you up to $1.99. It's actually more cost effective to do play and track multiple rounds than just one.

The other catch is getting to without downloading other data. If you open up your phone's browser it's most likely going to take you to your providers preset home page filled with ringtone downloads and games to check out. That page has so much crap on it that by opening it you download more data than multiple rounds of mobile oob. You are much better off if you can bypass that page. I played with my wife's Motorola Razr V3 and couldn't find a way to change the home page to oobgolf. BUT- I was able to bypass the browser by opening without going to the home page. Every phone is different- so I can't tell you how to do that- you'll just have to find it, but I can assure you it can save you some dough.

Check It Out
We'd love to see more Live Rounds being played. I think the cost of a non-data phone is a big barrier. I hope this makes you aware of how costs work and how much it would cost you to do. Your cell company will make a little off of you, but it's not going to scare you when you see your bill. I did a mobile round on my wife's Razr and it looked fantastic and was very fast on the G3 network. It actually looked a lot better than it does on my Blackberry.

Enjoy! And if someone tries it out- let us know. We'd love some "real testimonials" to back up our research.

** These are numbers from our research. You should check with your provider to know actual costs of data and how they bill. We will not be paying any phone bills for users. :) Remember- the key is skipping their crap and getting straight to

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Avman2119 says:
Why not add in a feature to be able to text in your scores. They allow this type of texting to social networking sites.
jerdman says:
thats good info. I've always been quick to hit cancel when it tries to connect to the internet. I figured they'd tack on $20 for checking one site.
birdieXris says:
i ponied up for the unlimited internet for my iphone so i can't relate. Then again, i wouldn't be on here nearly as much during the day if i DIDN"T have the net on my phone. I'm loving the live-scoring FYI, and that new scorecard is pretty cool.
Josh says:
Texting is more costly than internet in general with most mobile phone companies, plus texting a score might get a bit arduous... one text per hole?
klangdon says:
we actually built a prototype of a texting app. it wasn't too easy to use especially when you were trying to put in score[space]fairway[space]putts
tharris1 says:
I have a Razor V3 also, and would be interested in how you're going about bypass the home page. I've been testing this out off course and I can get to the oob site fine, but here's my problem.

I've just done testing on this so far, but sitting here and entered 3 scores from my desk accounts for about .10 to .20 mb. That doesnGÇÖt sound like much but over the course of a round I would be willing to bet that will get over 2 mbs, and thatGÇÖs just one round. I'm sure having to go thru that home page every time is eating that up, so that's the solution I'm looking for.
Zepo1a says:
Is there any way to track 2 (or more) oob players with the "Live Round" feature? It only lets me sign in as myself.
dottomm says:
I LOVE the Mobile OOB Golf! It's really great not to have to worry about losing pencils, or the score card blowing away in the wind, and I'm not killing trees (except with my golf balls) every time I want to play.
Bryan K says:
My favorite part about live scoring is that people can send me messages by putting in comments on the score page. Nothing like having a gallery:)
Muscle-OchO says:
i might have to give it a try again - did it last year a few times, but i like making my score card look like a number puzzle
Neo says:
I can't get past the login screen with my Blackberry (older 4.5 device not 5.0)
Neo says:
And I just tried it again, and now it works... so nevermind! I'll try posting live later this week.
Neo says:
Never mind, I can log in now, but can't get into posting a score: Error encountered during XML parse: Expecting a name
RyanLigon says:
I'd love it if you guys could get together with the golfshot gps guys and work on getting oobgolf live scores in there I'd be all about it.
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