Driving Distance Stat Added
By Kickntrue on 8/18/08
You can now keep driving distance stats on oobgolf.com. People have been asking- and we have delivered.

This is actually a tricky stat that we talked long and hard on how to implement for a couple of reasons.

1) If you don't have a GPS or range finder it's actually kind of hard to get right. The easiest way is to subtract distance to the hole from the hole's total yardage. It works great if you are on a straight hole and rip one down the gut. When you start talking doglegs and wayward shots- it is a bit tougher. In the end- we came to the conclusion that this is an individual stat, so do you best with it.

2) Do we show true average driving distance or just shots with the driver? The simple answer is that we will show everything depending how you want to look at it. For the simple site display on your "my game" page you will see average driving distance with your driver. Then you have a measurement of "how long I hit." Feel free to keep your other distance too if you'd like including par 3's. As long as you know what club you used off the tee- over time we can provide you with detailed data for how far you hit all of your clubs which could help you with decisions on layups and club selection. If you use a 3-Wood to have more control off the tee you can do that without feeling like your "driving distance" number will be brought down by using the lesser club.

3) We think pace-of-play is important and don't like the idea of this slowing you down. Doing math takes time- maybe write down your distance on your scorecard and do it all later- or on mobile figure it out on the next tee box. The last thing we need is people hating golfers who are trying to figure out their driving distance in the middle of the fairway!

* In a related note- our completed round scorecards now show club from the tee. For those who were keeping that the whole time- you can now see them for every round. If you weren't keeping that info- maybe you'd like to now. It's up to you.


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Shooter Mcgowan says:
nice! now can we get 1st putt distance?
TaylorFade says:
Sweet. Will this be a leaderboard stat? Not that I will be anywhere near it.
iluv5pam says:
will this be on the iphone app?
grsonnierjr says:
Is it possible to add a feature for tracking Up and Downs?
thescott says:
What happened with this? My Game still does not show driving distance stats -- is this just me or has it not been worked out yet?
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