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By Kickntrue on 9/9/08
If you are anything like me you enjoy a good event vs the normal old round out with the foursome. We now have a user-generated Tournament Listings Page.

This is only going to work if you guys participate. There is really no good tournament database that exists on the web. The reason is becuase local courses don't submit events anywhere. The only things you can find are $100+ per person events. It only takes a minute or so to create an event and then anyone can find it. We've tried to start the database with events local to ourselves. If you grab a flyer or two at your local course and do the same we can make this a pretty cool place to connect with other oobers and just fun events in general.

Tournament Listings Page

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possingk says:
This is great thank you so much.
iluv5pam says:
agreed. wish we had some action here in Cali.
mjaber says:
Great idea. I'll see what I can find. Most of what I've found locally are the $125/person charity tournaments.
iNorv9 says:
Any functionality to search for tournaments for an entire month without a specific date? For example, a search for all tournaments in the month of August in Oklahoma. As I see it now, we can only search by particular dates (ie Aug 10). I suppose there aren't so many tournaments for now so it would be easy to simply peruse through the global list, but for future reference....
klangdon says:
Right now if you put in august 1st and a specific state etc it will show tournaments for that date AND in the further into the future, ordered by date. So you are seeing all of them for that month and more.
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