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Your Favorite Golf Hole
By Kickntrue on 9/23/08

People like our Golfer Of The Week feature so much we figured there was probably more you wanted to share. Introducing- Your Favorite Golf Hole.

The concept is very simple. Every golfer has a hole that they either love, they think is beautiful or is the bane of their existence. We want to hear about all of these cases.

Just email me a picture of Your Favorite (or least favorite) golf hole and tell us why you chose it. Make sure you answer the following:

What course is your favorite hole on?

What number hole is it?

Why is it your favorite?

Do you have any tips for playing your favorite hole?

Do you have any good stories about this specific golf hole?

Send your favs to me at

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onedollarwed says:
No question... #18 at Lake Chabot Municipal in Oakland, CA. At 666yds this par 6 is like a downhill skiing run. The teebox is a the top of a small mountain which overlook the "Bay Area" on one side and valleys on the other. The hole is not perfect by any means.

If you crush your drive (OB lines the left side as well as a ravine) it could roll another 100yds down a steep slope. You'll be hitting off that steep downslope (one of the toughest lies to hit from) about 250 yds across a sort of canyon. Most second shot end up at the bottom.
A typical 3rd shot is back up the other side of the canyon to the green - which by now you can't see at all, but which is close (60 yds). Almost always a birdie hole, I got in in 3 once - chipped in blindly from 100yds out. That's what? and albatoss?
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