New Course Stats Added
By Kickntrue on 11/14/08
oobers! We have changed the format of the course pages to make browsing the site easier and to give you more information.

Now available- that wasn't before is a sortable list of all the scores played on a course to see where you stack up against other competition. Also- you can see the total stats for any course in our database. You'll be able to find these new features on the left sidebar. Now you can go to your local course and prove to them their hole handicaps are wrong!

As always- everything is work in progress for us- so if you have suggestions or feedback let us know.


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mrtimb says:
I like it. Keep up the good work!
Kickntrue says:
I think this is one of the coolest small features we've added in awhile. Seeing the course stats for all users is a lot of fun.
smepple says:
This is really cool. Thank you for continually adding value to the site for us oobers!
SingleDigits says:
Nice stats! That definitely lets you get a good sense of how the course plays. I have to admit, though, that I like seeing the course scorecard on the Course Home Page, especially for a new course I've never played (or am considering playing).
mschad says:
Like the features/stats etc, but the 'Visit Course Site' link is not working.
Keep up the great work !
mschad says:
Wish I could edit the previous post, cause I checked some other courses I play, link not available on a couple, link worked on others where it was available, but this is what the javascript showed when hovering on the link for Meadowbrook and did not go to their homepage:
Again though... great addition!
klangdon says:
mschad, that should be fixed now...
ronphoto says:
You guys are doing great! I'd like to have my up and down percentage calculated. All the data is there to do so. Can this be implemented? Thanks!
Hoody005 says:
Can you guys add Sandia Casino golf coarse in Albuquerque New Mexico
cubs507 says:
For nine hole courses is there some way to set it up so that if you go around twice and enter the score as 18 holes, it lumps holes 1/10, 2/11, 3/12, etc. for course stats?
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