A Leaderboard For All Of Us
By Kickntrue on 11/24/08
We have a new "Week's Best" Leaderboard that you can also expand out for full sortable stats. We've decided to go with Fair Score so everyone has an equal shot!

Fair score is a simple and fair way to compare multiple scores that accounts for difference in courses, pars, and player skill.

A key component to USGA handicaping is USGA differentials. These are essentially the difference between your ESC Score and the score that a scratch golfer would record on the same course. It is calculated as follows:
((Score - Rating) X 113) / Slope

You can see your own differentials by clicking on the "handicap" link next to your index on your "my game" page.

USGA differentials are great because they allow two golfers to compare scores on completely different courses. One course might be a par 69, 5,300 yarder and the other a par 72, 7,100 yard course, but their differentials are still comparable due to the fact that the USGA rates every course with a USGA rating and Slope.

As always- let us know what you think!

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Team Lexus says:
That's fair. We don't have to see the same ten guys up there everyweek! :>)
smepple says:
Not sure if this is a valid concern, but should the fair score leaderboard be limited to users with a minimum number of posted scores towards their handicap? The reason I ask is because fair score would seem to be more volatile for those that have not clearly established a "baseline."
twood says:
Love the idea!
Daniel.Smith says:
I say leave the screen shot there!!!!! I have never been on the front page of any bloody thing!!!!
jonschram84 says:
Great idea. It would be great if every users ranking (on the leaderboard) was put either by thier username or on their main page.
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