New Chart- Single Stat Summary
By Kickntrue on 3/21/09
We've added a new chart called the "Single Statistic Summary." It allows you to query any statistic in the database and view its trend, overall totals, hole averages, and percentages. This report can be limited to a specific date range and set of courses.

All of the reports/charts are now found in your "My Game" page in the left hand column under ...(wait for it), "Reports/Charts."


As always- tips/feedback/suggestions are appreciated.

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bjoern says:
It looks like, that the date range don't function proper. The end date is tested lower than, not lower equal.

Nice idea.

Greetings from Germany
klangdon says:
bjoern, it was working previously based on the morning of the end date its now based on midnight of that day...
mantajim says:
May I suggest adding a 20 round SMA (simple moving average)line. This would smooth out the data over a longer period of time and would provide a better idea of one's progress/regress over time. Thanks for all the improvements.
dalelotte says:
How to create "My Game" page? I have chosen to play for Black Hills State University in the upcoming tournament and want to indicate the results here. Thanks.
Dale -
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