Twitter And Facebook Capabilities
By Kickntrue on 4/24/09
You can now link your oobgolf account with your Twitter and Facebook accounts to have scores automatically posted. The Facebook integration is not a completely new thing for us, but this should make the experience better for you and friends you have interested in your scores.

The Twitter stuff is new- and will automatically post a Tweet when you enter a score on oobgolf. When you begin a live score it will also post a Tweet with a link to your round so your followers can, well, follow.

You can find these changes by clicking "My Settings" (when logged in) and then clicking "Social Networking."

If you're on Twitter and aren't follow us yet, why not? oobgolf's Twitter

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NWGaEagle says:
Kudos, linked mine and will be interested to see how it works out in the end.
weaponrsunfire says:
well i linked mine last night and played a round today. still have not seen anything on my facebook account yet.
klangdon says:
weaponrsunfire, it would be under profile or boxes tab on facebook.
Triumph428 says:
same here, nothing on facebook
theredmission says:
The facebook connection hasn't work correctly for a loooong time now.
klangdon says:
We did another update to the facebook connection today. Please let us know if you have any further problems.
TimmyBede says:
It does not appear to be working on Facebook for me either. I added to OOBGOLF "Golf Scores" box to my Wall but it only displays this message:

"No content to display. This box will not be visible to people who view your profile until this application adds content to it."

This must be a bug. I've played/posted 3 rounds this year and posted over 31 rounds since creating an account last year. There should be plenty content to display.
DeepRough says:
That's pretty neat, love the twitter feature! Though I believe it's capabilities :)
chavez0 says:
Yeah, it seems to only refresh scores when its on the boxes tab, not on the profile least for me that is. Can this be fixed so if its on the profile tab, it will synch correctly and update? Thanks!
JCaus says:
i dont even see the box on my facebook page
zeroSPace says:
I had the oobgolf app integrated in facebook, then unexpectedly, facebook disabled my account. I have since had to create a new account and now when I try to link the new facebook account to oobgolf, it acts as if I have an incorrect oobgolf login. Is this because it's still attached to a dead facebook account? Can I get that link severed so that I can connect it to my new account?
twood says:
yep, facebook integration doesn't work for me either
bshepard says:
I can't get this to work at all. OOB golf scores says "No User Found" under the Boxes tab. I have tried to link the accounts several times.
jericho730 says:
i wish the facebook feature would work
hinkjus32 says:
Can we get the facebook link fixed? .....Still not working!
Todd Cantalupo says:
I installed the Android app but I cannot login because I usually login to the website via Facebook. What's my username for the Android app when I use Facebook on the site? Everything I try comes back as invalid on the Android app. It's very annoying.
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