2007 Resolutions
By Kickntrue on 1/2/07
2007 is upon us, which means it's that time of year to make resolutions, so oobgolf.com decided to get in on the act. Fortunately, none of our resolutions involve a scale- so there's a chance we may actually acheive them all!

Support for International Courses and Scores
* We don't want our visitors from outside of the USA feeling left out. Our goal for 2007 is that you will feel right at home at oobgolf.

New Methods For Score Entering
* Score entering is the most important part of oobgolf.com for our users. We want to give you more options and improvements for this process. So far, we have mobile.oobgolf.com. What will 2007 hold? We will see...

Tools for Course owners
* Something new for 2007, help for course owners. Soemthings to look forward to- scorecards, website tools, and leaderboards.

Improved Social Networking
* Ways to find new golfers, ways to find partners for specific rounds, localized leaderboards. Also- referall program and emailing friends.

Equipment Details and Reviews
* Something else new for 2007, we want to give you the ability to review and link what's in your bag, and find best deals on web.

League Support
* We aren't entirely sure we know what this means, but we know we want it! We will help you run both your local league run or create a virtual league to compete online.

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JimReid says:
One of the questions always asked is whether to use USGA calculations for handicaps. I think it could be multiple ways. The biggest problem I have is in NJ you can't count Nov-April in the calculations and some of my best rounds are in Nov. Anyway, either the option of the calculation method or the display of multiple methods would be nice.
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