New Email Features
By Kickntrue on 6/18/09
You will now receive notification emails when someone comments on your My Game page or one of your scores. You also now have the option to receive emails whenever someone replies to a forum post you're involved in.

You can turn individual email features on/off from you My Settings.

You can't say we don't listen! :)

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Ben Crane says:
Excellent addition. I'm going to name my next kid Kevin if it is a boy or Andrew if it is a girl*. *subject to wife's approval
klangdon says:
more of these options are coming with ability to subscribe to content, courses, equipment etc.
munk24 says:
OOB is the best, I keep telling people about it
ToddRobb says:
GREAT JOB!!! Keep em comin!!!
TinaBlackwood says:
Ben, are you really going to give your daughter name Andrew? I thought that was a male name..
essay writer .
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