Golfsmith 10% Discount
By Kickntrue on 7/10/09
We're partnered with to make it easier for you guys to find great deals on golf equipment and gear through oobgolf. You also get a 10% discount.

The full integration of Golfsmith links will happen slowly over time, but where you will first see it is in the oobgolf Equipment Section. Individual pieces of equipment will be linked to show Golfsmith prices and links to buy. We will also try to highlight special sales and deals going on.

Click the link below- and make sure to use the code: TENOFFCJ (It should already be applied.)

You're going to buy balls and gloves anyway... buy them through us (we get like $.25 when you do)!

10% OFF $100 at Golfsmith!

Get 15% OFF a Single Item Over $50 at Golfsmith

[Update: It looks like the codes do not apply to items already on sale.]

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greendevil says:
This is great news for oobgolfers. I shop Golfsmith and they usually have a lot of good deals already; a 10% discount on top of the already good prices is sweet. Thanks.
notyourdata says:
Well it doesn't look like it applies to everything. Just tried it on the 2009 Burner and the 10% didn't apply.
Wazzuski says:
Looking for golf equipment is just like everything else available on the 'Net. To make sure you get the absolute best price (and to me, that includes to cost of shipping), you have to be willing to search tons of sites. The 10% is a nice bonus, but on some things I have researched, it's not enough to make it less expensive than some other site. But the discount is still appreciated. Thanks OOBG!
dkminton says:
Some Manuf. will not allow a discount on their products. In some cases with Golfsmith they will not allow 2 discounts at the same time. But Golfsmith is the best in the business so this is great news.
twood says:
didn't work on anything i placed in the cart... thanks for the thought though boys.
klangdon says:
Just updated the links. The first was actually 10% off $100. Added another that is 15% off a single item.
mmontisano says:
@hailtoredskins :: they have an "In Store Pick-up" selection to help you save on the shipping cost.
leeheppjr says:
Good luck, everything I've tried to buy from them was "on backorder", crazy shipping dates and lot's of cancelations and excuses. I've also heard a lot about them going out of business. Hopefully they get their act together, any discussions with or another worthy partner?
Sid Farkus says:
Discounts at TGW would rock!
Wazzuski says:
@hackman: thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I do not live near one and don't get in to civilization very often. :)
cdkimmel says:
Yea, it didn't apply to the taylormade tour burner I put in my cart either. That stinks.
C.T. says:
It doesn't seem to apply to anything that anyone wants to buy. Thats not your guys fault, it is just how Golfsmith operates... and I disagree not the Best just the Biggest!
williamgolf says:
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