Addict Giveaway: Nike Air Tour Premiums
By Kickntrue on 12/30/09

The first Addict giveaway for 2010? How about a pair of $250 golf shoes from Nike?! All oobgolf Addicts will have an automatic chance to win a pair of Nike Air Zoom Tour Premium Golf shoes.

Join oobgolf Addict and you're automatically entered to win a pair of the slick kicks valued at $250.

The giveaway ends January 31, 2010 and a winner will be announced the following week.

So to recap- you join Addict for $12 a year (wow, that's cheap), and you get a ton of new stats to track, support oobgolf and have a chance to win exclusive gear. Where is the downside?

Stay tuned for more prizes and giveaways exclusively available to oobgolf Addicts!

** All existing Addicts are always automatically entered in our monthly Addict-only giveaways. **

** Giveaway is open to all legal US residents 18 years or older. No purchase necessary. To enter with no purchase please fill out this survey and mail to: oobgolf, addict giveaway, 5083 Westbranch Hwy, Lewisburg, PA 17837. All entries must be postmarked by by January 23, 2010. A winner will be announced on February 2, 2010 on Tax expenses are not included. You have the right to refuse the prize. In case of prize refusal a series of new entrants will be picked until the prize is accepted. Odds of winning based on number of Addicts and mail entries.


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bducharm says:
OK, first one to comment - VERY sweet....
Kickntrue says:
@you guys should feel special. the day i was at nike they offered me a pair of these shoes and i turned them down... in favor of giving them to you guys! so hard to do... haha.
Bryan K says:
This would be a good one to win! I go through a pair a year, approximately, and even though I'm partial to the FootJoy Countour Series, I certainly can't turn down a free pair of shoes.
Nethmonkey says:
mmmm, new golf shoes. that would totally keep me from having to replace the spikes on my current ones...
Virtuaframax says:
new shoes would be a perfect late xmas present...
k-von says:
Funny how these opportunities arise within days of purchasing said equipment. Looks like quality booty, however I couldn't help but note during my research that Nike shoes get frequently slammed in reviews for being unable to sustain. Obviously, these are probably after bad experiences with cheaper models, nevertheless, you'll see an inordinate amount of customers swear of the brand.
k-von says:
swear OFF the brand, that is. My kingdom for an "edit" button.
TravisMiller says:
My current Footjoys only have 5 games but I won't complain if I get these!
Mattbdxl says:
sweet!! Two more weeks in a cast and back at it!
Mjw71772 says:
You could have kept these shoes and gave us the clubs, hahaha. But hey I will gladly accept these, since I got my new course membership and I like to walk, these would go a long way to preserving my feet which may I add fight for freedom haha. Good luck to everyone.
Eddy Whitaker says:
do we get to pick our color?
Bryan K says:
Eddy: I think a better question might we get to pick our size?

Backquak says:
my GREEDY question is, what about December? I don't remember a December givaway??? The last one I can think of was the November Mizuno clubs. If there was one, what was it? Did I win?
Banker85 says:
Alright... beginners luck?
Trevor Spring says:
Size 12 please
tommyt39 says:
Those will look great on my feet!
Typhoon says:
would love some new shows but i am generally unlucky so i will have to save. plus i won't be able to use them until april anyway. to cold to play now.
TeT says:
Twist my leg if you must, 13M in Nike... BAckQuak Remember the Mizuno's???
ipv6freely says:
Has a winner been chosen? I don't know why the admins don't link to the winners from the giveaway page...
coojofresh says:
i like!
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