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Embed Your Stats Into Your Own Page or Blog!
By Kickntrue on 10/9/07
Did you know you have the ability to embed your oobgolf stats on your own personal blog or MySpace page? The process is as easy as "copy" and "paste" from oobgolf to the location of your choice. You can find the code on your "My Game" page on the left hand collumn under "Share" (the very last link). From there all you do is copy and paste that code into your blog or myspace page.

*Click - "My Game" in upper left corner of page
*Left collumn, click - "Share" under Actions
*Copy code in box (Control + c)
*Paste code into personal blog or Myspace page (Control + v)
*Save changes to personal page- oobgolf sortable stats should appear!

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sblewett says:
Can we embed any other charts/stats? I'd like to embed maybe the "recent rounds" table or "game development" chart.
davidhorne says:
has anyone had problems posting into a wordpress.com blog?
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