Adjusted Scoring Average Added to Stats
By Kickntrue on 2/7/07
HOLY COW!!! oobgolf continues to get more awesome, and is still FREE!! (Now and Forever.) We're doing a lot behind the scenes these days, which will become more noticeable on the site in the upcoming weeks. One small new feature we released today is Adjusted Scoring Average. You can find it as a new sortable stat in the Leaderboard.


What is it?
Adjusted Scoring Average is something we came up with to add new competition to the oobgolf leaderboards, include international golfers and provide golfers with another tool to understand their game. Another reason to like it: it's how the pros keep stats. Not with our exact formula (because they aren't trying to include the whole world), but it's their main scoring stat.

While your handicap index is a representation of your golf potential, scoring average is a more accurate reflection of your actual scores. You'll see on the leaderboard, that the best overall handicap does not mean you have the best scoring average. In some cases, the difference is dramatic.

How is it calculated?
The formula for determining oobgolf's Adjusted Scoring Average is pretty simple:

([total most recent 20 scores]/[total most recent 20 pars]) *72

In short, we figure out the ratio of your strokes to par for each hole, and multiply that number by 72. 72 is the average par for all tees currently in oobgolf. That is where the "Adjusted" part of the number comes into play. We did this to level the playing field, because some courses obviously have drastically different pars. This lets us take into account those who play only 9 holes, or maybe shoot rounds on an executive course. The Adjusted Scoring Average can accommodate any round- including those of international golfers, where the USGA Handicap formula is not used.

No system to date is absolutely perfect. A good example is how one amazing round can dramatically improve your handicap index. The Adjusted Scoring Average needs to be viewed from the right frame of mind.

1) The ASA does not take into account what tees you play. If you choose to play the back tees, your handicap index reflects that. The ASA does not. If 2 individuals are close to each other in skill, but one consistently plays the back tees while the other plays forward tees, the person playing the easier tees will very likely have a better Scoring Average. He's probably not the better golfer.

2) The ASA does not take into account how hard the course is. Again, the handicap index uses the rating and slope of a course in its calculations, the ASA does not. If someone plays all their rounds at Bethpage Black and someone else plays their rounds at a Par 3 course, the person playing the par 3 course will very likely have a better scoring average. Even the adjustments in our formula cannot make up for this difference.

Those two arguments aside- we feel confident that this new feature will add a new way to track your game, compete on the site and provide improvement feedback after each round.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please let us know in our Forums.

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etorsay says:
The ASA is averaging all 80 of my scores, not just the last 20. It would be more accurate if you used just the last 20 scores.
klangdon says:
thanks for discovering this. its fixed now, only using last 20.
sperry says:
mine seems to be stuck at over 100. this can't be right, because in my dreams, i shoot 6 under every time...
Zoobey says:
D.Sauers says:
You guys are the greatest! Keep the good work! Love the new format with some color...Nice!
Wazzuski says:
Are you sure the math is working for ASA? I manually used the formula and came up with 90.8, not 109.9.
owenhyne says:
yeah, and my math says that I shoot an average of 71.8 not 108. What gives?

korn026us says:
I always keep mine at 20 rounds. If I do a round. I will erase my oldest round. This way it keeps my handicap fair. How do you know if your getting better or not if you don't do this.
pcouri says:
When i calculate my adjusted average score using my last 20 rounds, i get 99.5 (1970 score over 1425 par * 72). This site says 102.1. I know its a small difference but can you explain the difference? And how do i know the actual handicap is accurate if this number is not? Thanks very much.
pcouri says:
Never mind, it corrected itself. thanks.
ramonearl says:
great system works well
TTutini says:
Absolutely great website...what you guys are doing is awesome,please keep it up.Really look forward to coming home after my round to post my scores.Keep up the great work.
enivelm says:
Is there any reason not to make this more accurate by including the course rating and slope into this equation?
klangdon says:
enivelm, yes then you are talking about handicap and score differential. These are already viewable in oobgolf.
klangdon says:
korn026us, this stat, handicap, and other stats on oobgolf are based on last 20 scores. no need to delete older ones.
Lilly says:
I think Adjusted Scoring Average is really a great idea. I would like to see the list of 20 scores break down like how they are posted when you click on Handicap.
Mags says:
I agree with Lilly, it would be great to see a breakdown of the scores.
Letsplay says:
Letsplay72 says:

Why is a women's Handicap Index maxed out at 40.4
Mason T says:
I concur with Mags and Lilly. It would be nice to see the breakdown of the scores for the Adjusted Scoring Average.
iNorv9 says:
Agreed, please add the breakdown of all scores included in the Adjusted Scoring Average! Puts it more into context making it ultimately more useful.
thetalentedmrripley says:
ESC Adjustment only allows a -9 handi or lower to card a double bogey or better. However, I notice that when I enter a triple bogey, it doesn't adjust. Great for me, bad for my playing partners. Thoughts?
Eisenberg says:
Ripley, ESC Adjustment is based on course handicap, not your handicap index. Your last score, I think, shows a 10 course handicap and a 7 handicap index, so you were able to card a triple bogey. Course handicap is your handicap index adjusted for the difficulty of the course you're playing.
jjgibb0 says:
Only a Gator would be trying to find a way to card a triple!
14_iceman says:
I concur too. Please add the Ajusted Scoring Average breakdown exactly like they are posted when you click on Handicap. Thank you.
Jc Perez says:
Gators .... barf
TheFranchise says:
Gators.... Double Barf

Go Canes!
norm_pyle says:
Everyone is just jealous of the Gators!
JLeslie11 says:
yo yo i average a 85 man!
JLeslie11 says:
btw gators rule...
nicklar says:
Gators are going to be terrible this year. No percy. Good luck tebow with no other targets on the field. Going to be hilarious to see tebow freakouts after huge losses!
windowsurfer says:
Me likey oob. ASA is meaningful, together w handicap.
fanny says:
My scoring average is no longer displayed on 'My Game' page. How do I get it back?
Agustin says:
Same here, also my groups leaderboards are all gone. :(
grimgator says:
Adjusted scoring average still seems to be including all scores, not just the latest 20.
Mrob says:
Interesting, if I use the oobgolf averages for how I've played 3,4 and 5 pars and extrapolate that out for a full round (or even 20) my scoring average is a stroke lower than that shown in the official scoring average.
Golfa2299mo says:
my average score using a calculator was 80 and the average score says 87??
eksharp8 says:
how do i find my ranking in the ASA?
dlardjr96 says:
my handicap shows 104.6, on a calculator my handicap comes to 101.8. why a difference?
dlardjr96 says:
SORRY typed the wrong thing. It is not my handicap with that difference, it is my average score that has the difference. Why is that?
afrie says:
A person's handicap shouldn't be based on their LAST 20 scores it should be based on their 10 BEST scores out of their LAST 20 scores posted.
e_c_poirier says:
Could someone dumb this down for me? I'm struggling to completely comprehend the formula. I understand the total sum of my recent 20 scores.

What does "[total most recent 20 pars]" mean?
HotBacon says:
@e_c_poirier - [total most recent 20 pars] = the sum of the last 20 pars for the courses you've played. e.g. - 72+70+72+70...
Raja says:
how to calculate Handicap Index in CONGU system?
Schizas says:
I'm new to the game and love this site for tracking my development!!! Only problem --- I'm getting a blank pop-up box as of yesterday when I go to enter a new score! What's up??
davyz says:
Is it possible to have stats for a specified number of rounds such as all rounds from Jan to Mar 2012 rather than just the last 20. This would be very helpful. Keep up the good work.
Dewdman42 says:
This is a pretty cool feature, but I would like to suggest a couple things that I think would make it better. The ASA, as it is now, is somewhat meaningless because although it takes into account the par differences between courses, it is not taking into account the slope and rating, which it should. its not only impossible to compare ASA's between players and really have it mean anything, but also for an individual, if I want to see on any give day whether I am playing above or below my current "average" on a particular course/tees, then course rating and slope needs to be taken into account on both sides.

I would suggest that the ASA should be calculated by taking slope and rating into consideration. The rating can be used instead of par in the existing calculation. But slope needs to also be applied and the final ASA number should represent a baseline, perhaps of 72/113.

Then ASA would be more comparable across players and courses
Dewdman42 says:
Just thinking out loud, but if you did it as follows, calculate an adjusted score for each round, then average all 20:

adjusted round = round differential + 72

round differential

(gross score - rating) x 113 / slope

So for example, if a player plays 90 on a course with 72/113 rating, then the resulting adjusted score would be exactly 90.

If player plays 90 on a course with 73/130 rating/slope, then their adjusted score for that round is 86.78 against a baseline 72/113 rating/slope

lets say my ASA after 20 rounds then is something like 88.45. Then I am about to play a course that is difficult: 73/130, then I can calculate that to exactly hit my current average I would need to score: (ASA-72) x (slope/113) + rating or 91.98
Dewdman42 says:
From that you can see if you are playing above or below your 20 round recent average
dmoritz10 says:

I think this gives more realistic results:

adjusted round = round differential + rating

round differential = (gross score - rating) x 113 / slope

This is because the 'Par Rating' of a course does not in any way represent its difficulty.
Dewdman42 says:
differential has the course rating already. The point of the rating is simply to imply how many strokes it should take to finish 18 holes.. Since that number is not always an integer, it does imply something about difficulty. The courses are usually all still par 72, yet their rating could be higher...which means more difficult for everyone. The slope adds a multiplier to that so weaker players should expect even higher scores on that more difficult course then scratch golfers.

So yes, rating and slope both are combined with the gross score to deliver a "differential", which is an adjusted "value over par". This site calculates that for us by the way, you can find it on your handicap page that shows your last 20 scores and which are used for handicap.

The reason for adding 72 to the differential instead of the courses rating, is because we are trying to create a baseline value which is comparable across courses and players on a theoretical par 72 course with rating/slope of 72/113.
Dewdman42 says:
Then later you can reverse the calculation for when you are going to play a given course, that is when you would use the that course's rating and slope to calculate what an "average" gross score should be for you on that course.
Dewdman42 says:
correction, the handicap page showing the past 20 scores uses the ESC adjusted gross score, which is not appropriate for calculating ASA, so that differential is an ESC adjusted differential. For ASA purposes, it should not be ESC adjusted. Otherwise, everything I said above still applies
Dewdman42 says:
you can also use this to figure out how you should play from different tees. Playing from the blue, your average score would be one thing, but from the whites would be computed to a lower expected score based on rating/slope, if you have an ASA based on a baseline
toƱicli says:
how do i modificate settings? i also want avg of score about my last 20 scores
onthefringe says:
What happened to all the back up detail to the handicap calculation? This was a mojor piece of info for me and I'm kinda lost without it
Dewdman42 says:
Check out this spreadsheet on google docs for anyone interested. You can copy this and enter your own scores. Note that it tracks differentials over time, average differential over time and index, which are all much more comparable then actual gross scores. The section on the right also calculates what a score needs to be on a given course to match your current averages, best, or index.
Stargiant41 says:
How do you get a whole list of your prior scores i.e. not just the last or first 20?
pknott says:
I think you should reformat these posts to show the most recent posts at the top rather than at the bottom so you can immediately see this is all current information and not 07 or 08 info.
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