Want to Play Free Golf?
By Kickntrue on 3/24/07
We are looking for a few good writers, across the country to help us with our expansion of course reviews. The idea is simple. Armed with an oobgolf hat and polo, you play a course, then write it up for the site. As an official oobgolf.com reviewer, you will play for free. If this sounds appealing, just shoot me an email at andrew@oobgolf.com I will ask for a writing sample (a review of your home or recently played course) and the oobgolf staff will decide from there.

*In any email, please include your oobgolf username so we can match a real name up with a user. Also- golf skill DOES NOT matter. As long as you have the passion and skill to write for us, you can be a 1.4 handicap or a 30 handicap.

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