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By Kickntrue on 2/21/08
Just wanted to note- oobgolf.com is made by real people who want to hear from you. Use AOL's Instant Messenger to chat with us about the site and the ideas you have for it. We will also provide troubleshooting and support for any questions you may have while on the site. oobgolfandrew will get you andrew. oobgolfkevin will get you kevin. We are online for most of the day- so feel free to hit us up.

What's the difference between Andrew and Kevin? DNA and some personality. Either of us will try to help you out.

oobgolfandrew or email at andrew@oobgolf.com

oobgolfkevin or email at kevin@oobgolf.com

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Josh says:
I guess you guys aren't getting enough spam already? ;)
Torleif Sorenson says:
Kevin doesn't have to deal with crappy snow-plowing in DC, either. :)
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