Get Your oobgolf Gear.
By Kickntrue on 7/11/08
We've been getting emails and phone calls and privite messages- all with the same question: Where can we get an oobgolf hat and polo shirt? Well- Let me show you. We have a store front set up, being hosted by another company. This is a temporary solution for now- but it works and the quality of the product is good. We will have a prettier looking gear site sometime in the future. Currently we are more concerned with pumping out new features. I encourage you to buy and wear it proudly.

*One note- the prices are very good and are inclusive, except for a shipping fee from the company who makes the items. We unfortunately have no control over that. So add around $6 bucks to the prices you see for your true total. If anything- that shoudl encourage you to buy multiple items at once.

Buy oobgolf Gear (embroidery)

Buy Other oobgolf Gear (screenprint)

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