Android Beta Testing
By klangdon on 11/3/10
We have determined that the 1.1.9 release is stable enough for launch into the Android market!

Please download the latest release from the Android Market as it will provide you with notifications as we continue to make updates to the application. Ohh, and its FREE!

We are currently only supporting Android 1.6 and up.

Release Notes:

1.1.9 - 11/13/2010 1:30PM EDT
  • Past scores and score summaries listed (View Stats)
  • Added target "scope" on top of the satellite view
  • Private account option in settings
  • User settings now sync to server (carried across devices)
  • Score center tap defaults to par (as did prior to 1.1.6)
  • Tap golfer to change vs dialog window
  • Tee selection on "Play Golf" fixed
  • License Agreement added (lawyers made me)

1.1.8 - 11/10/2010 2:30PM EDT
  • Performance enhancements
  • Minor color changes
  • Crash fix for downloading unmapped courses

1.1.7 - 11/9/2010 12:00AM EDT
  • Fix for users seeing "Download Error" after clicking "Download Course"

1.1.6 - 11/9/2010 11:00AM EDT
  • Crash fixed on download courses due to GPS disabled in Android settings
  • Performance enhancments
  • Play Golf tab improvements for high def screens
  • Crash fixed associated with toggling GPS on/off

1.1.5 - 11/8/2010 3:30PM EDT
  • 13th hole now included in starting hole list
  • Bug fix for app crash on score summary
  • Hole overview distances and lines update with touch
  • Bug fix for users unable to download courses

1.1.4 - 11/5/2010 5PM EDT
  • Stat tracking added to settings
  • Scoring on/off by default setting added
  • GPS stays on when app moves to background
  • Current Year stats now showing on "view stats"
  • Tabs on main screen moved to menu

1.1.3 - 11/3/2010 4PM EDT
  • Fixed crash on "Play Golf" for non addict users
  • Bug fixes associated with account creation
  • Fixed crash on "Help" from inside "Play Golf"

1.1.2 - 11/3/2010 6AM EDT
  • GPS shot measuring added
  • Ability to set units to Meters/Yards in settings
  • Can now create oobgolf accounts in app
  • More distinctive app icon
  • Button target sizes increased
  • Ability to force server sync in settings
  • Minor layout improvements
  • Ability to cancel nearby course search (back button)
  • First draft of help content added

1.1.1 - 11/1/2010 5PM EDT
  • GPS Rangefinder Hole/Satellite view added

1.1.0 - 10/29/2010 4PM EDT
  • GPS Rangefinder Front/Center/Back added
  • Correct course displayed when selecting from search
  • Score stat items are now correctly aligned on Droid X
  • Keyboard no longer shows in courses area
  • Course lists no longer invert to black when scrolling

1.0.9 - 10/27/2010 5PM EDT
  • Can now search for courses by keyword
  • Course details screen added
  • Ability to add/remove courses from favorites
  • Ability to call courses from app
  • & fixed on course names

1.0.8 - 10/25/2010 5PM EDT
  • Closest course now located in "Play Golf".
  • Course download cached ("Continue Golf" off network).
  • Launching in Android 1.6
  • Launching in Android 2.0
  • Crash fixed for keyboard slide out on Moto Droid.
  • Works with wifi only access (no cell reception).
  • Improved performance of background sync with
  • Stats no longer reset to 0 when using "Continue Golf".
  • Can change players during score.

1.0.7 - 10/22/2010 4PM EDT

Please send all feedback and bug reports to Make sure to include your phone type and Android OS version.

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