Live Scoring on Mobile Phone
By Kickntrue on 3/26/07
I'm sure many of us have watched pro's scores update on Thursdays and Fridays while at work. How cool would it be to watch your friends play a round while you're stuck in the old cubicle? oobgolf is the only site I know of that lets you do that. When a round is being entered on, a screen pops up on the home page that lets everyone watch.

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DeepRough says:
Putting in my score in while playing was a lot of fun today. Hope you all had fun watching it! Sorry for the long break at the turn! :)

It was a little difficult at first, getting used to typing all these things in without feeling like that jerk who talks on his cellphone all day while playing ;) But after I explained what I was doing to my playing partners, it was easier ;)

Great tool!

Though, you should really take out or hide that 'predicted score' part...mine was predicting a 79, and it was downhill from there ;)
volleyhart says:
I use the mobile input every round and love it. By the time we've gotten to the next tee, the info is in and I've got the numbers for the next tee. Awesome job guys, everyone should be using this. Deep Rough, are your playing partners using the site as well?
yomonk1 says:
Love it, love it, love it!!!! This new smack talk thang....oh, that can't be good.
sarahj6 says:
I would like to know if this is available for the iphone
Jim_Smallwood_Jr. says:
I haven't been able to use this the last two rounds I played. I received the error "The domain name does not exist." I know better than that. Has anyone else had this problem?
JCaus says:
yea there an APP for this?
JCaus says:
i just found the free app. sweet
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