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By Kickntrue on 11/5/10
oobgolf has had a Twitter account for a couple years, but frankly, it's been a bit sloppy. It's better now- follow us! We'll probably still do some tweaking to the look and feel, but we've straightened some internal stuff out with it- and are looking to use the account more appropriately. For instance- you'll no longer have to see my personal scores come through there (I created my own personal account for that) and we'll be posting links to our blog posts daily. We'd appreciate any follows and retweets as you see appropriate.


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Clint24 says:
I got a request from oob to follow me. FYI, I don't ever get on. Just one think. How did you find me??? Just curious.
Kickntrue says:
@Clint24- We were "following" about 3000 people as of Friday morning. I had to manually delete all of them to get back to where we wanted to be. I'm guessing I whacked you from that list- and then recognized something about your name or profile and re-added you quickly.
mschad says:
Maybe I'm showing my age, but what is the fascination of going to twitter or face-book vs coming right here to oobgolf central??
mjaber says:
@mschad... and why are they called "tweets", since it's Twietter, shouldn't they all be "twits"?
perlguy9 says:
Hmm. I'd follow you on twitter, but I've been "blocked"?
JosephArcher says:
Sorry, I do not have Twitter account, but as per your request, I will register and follow you. In such case you should follow my essays for sale website. That would be fair enough for both parties.
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