oobgolf Android App Available
By Kickntrue on 11/15/10
The oobgolf Mobile App is now available in the Android Marketplace.

We have determined that the 1.1.9 release is stable enough for launch into the Android market!

Please download the latest release from the Android Market as it will provide you with notifications as we continue to make updates to the application. Ohh, and its FREE!

We are currently only supporting Android 1.6 and up.


As with the iOS app, the GPS is build into the functionality of the app but you must be an Addict + to use it. For the next 30 days you can purchase Addict + for $12/yr.

To learn more about the pricing structure of the app as well as upgrade please CLICK HERE.

Buy Addict+

How do I get GPS?
Step 1 - Download the oobgolf mobile app in the Android Market
Step 2 - Become an oobgolf Addict+.
Step 3 - Login to the app and GPS will be avialable.

How many courses are mapped?
The oobgolf mobile app has over 25,000 worldwide courses mapped with coordinates for the Front/Center/Back of each green. To be clear- for greens, the app ONLY gives coordinates for Front/Center/Back. A Google Maps overlay is also available for hole/target distances.

How do I know if my course is mapped?
oobgolf course pages are now marked under "Course Details" so you can see if a course has GPS Rangefinder data. Within the app you can also search courses and it is clear as to which courses have GPS markers.

Why is it only Front/Center/Back?
Timing, cost, and functionality.

Why is the "center" not in the center of the green?
We spent a lot of time trying to figure out exactly what and how to show the greens on this app. We wanted to go beyond a simple F/C/B number and we think we've provided a great resource, but it does go against preconceived notions of other golf GPS devices. Every golf green has a mathematical (geometric) center but the fact is nobody maps to this point. When courses are mapped for GPS the center is based on what looks or feels correct on a satellite image or when standing on the green. Very rarely could you draw a straight line between the marked front and back points on a green to included the marked "middle" point. We wanted to show this. While the "middle" may not be the geometric center- it is a VERY important number, as it is the point that was determined to be the best "real middle" at least in terms of playing golf. IT will also provide some insight as to where the front and back were marked in relation to the center.

The GPS markers on the green appear to rotate...?
Yes they do. You're welcome. You'll realize that amazingly helpful that is after about 3 holes, or the first time you hit long and right on your approach shot... whichever comes first.

Can I map my own course?
Not currently. Now that we're available in the Android and iOS markets we want to come back to building a module to allow for mapping your own course as well as adding your own targets to mapped courses. We realize this was a great feature unfortunately, a day has only so many hours. We are working as hard as we can to produce these features as fast as possible.


Now that we're in the Android Market and iTunes Store we'll be spending the next few weeks adding features, fixes and updates to each.

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cincystephen says:
Anybody tried it? What do you think? I'm thinking about getting an Android mostly because of this.
KillDozer says:
I have tried the app and it is pretty nice. It seems to contain everything you would expect and has a nice interface. It is definitely my one stop golf app. Can't wait to see where the app goes from here. Not sure if I would buy a phone for one app though.
Lazkir says:
Only have the free version and it's ok.
Am I missing something though? I cannot put other players down except as 'player 2', 'player 3' etc. There doesn't appear to be anyway to put their names in. It puts me off using it rather than my regular app.
jev says:
Tried the earlier betas but without GPS (I don't want to pay for functionality that's free elsewhere) I won't be using it. Use yourgolf for example to get the same functionality, but with GPS support included for free.
Dougsmithsr says:
Used the app on several occasions along side GolfShot and my uPro! Yardages seem off by 15 to 20 yards, hopefully this is just growing pains. Other than that app is neat and easy to use. Adding multiple golfers is bad since you can only identify them as player 2, player 3 etc. Also a text view with layup's would be great allowing you to see 150yd, 125yd, 100yd etc. And the ability to email score cards would also be nice like GolfShot!
klangdon says:
@Laskir naming other players as well as ability to upload scores for multiple users is coming soon.
klangdon says:
@jev, I think its a little unfair to compare the oobgolf gps rangefinder and database to yourgolf. Our course maps are the most accurate in the business and we have more than anyone else on Android or iPhone. I haven't yet found a course that your golf has mapped.
klangdon says:
@Dougsmithsr we are pretty interested in hearing more about your experience, our tests are showing a higher accuracy with our maps than both of the competitors that you mentioned.
OffCoursegolfer says:
Way to go oobG. You guys are doing a great job.
Lazkir says:
Thanks for the feedbank klangdon, look forward to seeing the outcome.
jev says:
@klangdon: that's a bit of "duh" there... yourgolf is using the oobgolf database plus I am pretty sure the databases built by the competition are at least as good (a yard more or less is not important unless one can position the ball within a couple of feet anyway).

Anyway, rangefinder functionality is just a minor thing to me, ease of use when collecting statistics is much, much more important to me. And to be honest, that is not an area where the oobgolf app shines (eau contraire!). I am aware the oobgolf app is young and needs to be finepolished, but I doubt it will change much.

Last but not least, the business model just doesn't work for me. There are no incentives to pay a yearly fee when one can get the same functionality for free elsewhere, especially when the features I appreciate most are better on other apps. Sorry mate, it just doesn't bring anything new to the table.
klangdon says:
The oobgolf database that yourgolf has access to is only scorecard data it does not contain any GPS data.
MattRob84 says:
I like this app a lot, now golf carts just need to have the cigarette outlets cars do to charge my phone during the round. Ran out of battery at the 16th hole :(.....1 other question is when your entering your score and hit/missed playable/not button is checked from a previous hole why does it not enter itself when u check your actual scorecard. If you need to press the button each time then it shouldn't highlight it self my default. Don't know if what I said makes complete sense but best way I could explain...haha
442jet says:
Good Job Oobgolf!!! It is apparent that you gave a lot of thought into making sure this app was a help and not a hindrance to the game of golf.
Nothing is worse than waiting on the group in front of you as someone is flipping thru their phone trying to figure out how to put in their 3 putt.
At least with the Oob app it is all on one page.

I also noticed that the the "Playable Drive" Yes/No stayed highlighted but was not recorded.
As for improvements I think it would be nice to have your course handicap displayed on the scorecard.(For negotiating matches fairly)
Matt F says:
Good job guys. I especially like the estimated total for the score that changes after you play a hole. Keeps me focused on trying to play better.

Dougsmithsr says:
@klangdon after going out several more times with Oobgolf app, I have found the distances with the GPS to be much closer than before. Seems to be within 3 to 5 yds. now of my handheld and course markers. Looking forward to updates to funtionality and documentation......
dbrake0 says:
Without free GPS and a decent scorecard capability it's no good. Once YourGolf adds detailed score keeping for all players I will be using it. Otherwise it's GolfCard and FreeCaddie for now.
jimithen says:
I think it's great. And for only $12 a year. Look under the couch cushions, under the car seat and find some quarters people. It helps them pay for all these great updates, and things only get better while the price stays the same. Help them help you.
MoleHarris says:

A little feedback after using the app for a couple of weeks: Overall, a good app. As an addict user, I love all the different scoring options, and that my friends at home (or work) can jealously watch hole by hole as I'm scoring my round. The app seems to work smoothly, and the battery usage is fairly normal, though I haven't used the GPS much yet. The fact that I don't even have to ask it to upload the round when I'm done is very nice.

What I don't like:
Once my round is over and saved, I can't pull it up again and review the round hole by hole. I can look at a summary, but if I want to check a single hole I have to pull up the website to do it.

I also wish the "projected" score was optional. I know that many people probably love it, but sometimes knowing that far in advance how good or bad I'm likely to end kind of gets in my head a little. Sometimes I just want to take it hole by hole and see how it comes out in the end.
ponderous says:
I love the new oobgolf app! Agree that functionality to support other players (on the way) and the items noted by MoleHarris would be a big improvement, but as it stands right now, it's still the best app available for the Android, IMO. I was already a satisfied Addict customer anyway, so no incremental cost to me.

Personally, I never liked the YourGolf app. I find that it has a clunky and amateurish interface that requires way too many steps to record even basic stats.
munk24 says:
Cant wait to try, have a skycaddie and a laser, but sometimes when I travel dont have the course I play loaded
Duke of Hazards says:
Very nice interface and layout. It's nice and clean. For future updates, maybe you could add a toggle option to download beefier stats display e.g. hole by hole scorecards of archived scores, map overlay (again, option toggle) on 'search nearby courses' and option to star a searched course as a favorite. I understand you want to keep the app clean and fast, so maybe the additional options can be toggled within the 'settings'. Also, under 'settings', looks like there is an icon box to the left of my username, but doesn't display my icon, not sure if this is an upload error of if still in development.

BTW - are the 3 dudes on the front home screen you guys?
ksu_FAN says:
I've only had one chance to use it so far, but I really liked it. Its easy to toggle from measuring your shots, to GPS to scorecard. Only thing I wondered about is whether or not (or how) you can get yardages to hazards on the course as you play.
Agustin says:
Hey, anybody else having trouble with the APP? For some reason I cannot enter scores; only Fairway Hit and Club off Tee. Strange please help!!!
Kickntrue says:
@Agustin- update should be coming out VERY SOON. it's been approved- just waiting for it to be released.
Dominik says:
Has anybody installed it on a SE x10 mini pro? Android Market finds the app, but it can not be installed. I get the message "Ressource not found". It can be installed without any problems on a friend's Legend... :-|
IMKMB says:
In the midwest golf season if fast approaching and I was really hoping to see some enhancements before the season started. Any updates forthcoming?

Without the following enhancement(s) the app is unusable, at least for me.

1. Ability to upload the scores of others in my foursome. What good is the ability to input the scores of 3 other golfers if you can't upload them or worse yet, once you save the round you can't even see what the other players scores were.

2. A scorecard view for the entire foursome that you can review after saving.

TonyBrown says:
I agree.. It's silly to allow additional players if you can't see the entire card afterwards.

I'd also really like to be able to select different tee boxes for each player. Currently every player has to play and score from the same tee box selected. Sometimes I play with my wife, and she's at the reds, i'm at the whites.. or I play blues and my dad plays white or golds..

It would be really nice if each player can be added using different tee boxes, and option to keep handicap adjusted scores based on that would be outstanding.
TonyBrown says:
After using a few days now this app really needs a way to see all player scores on a score card, and be able to track scores for players using different tee boxes.. and then be able to upload all scores to each players oobgolf account.

The interface is great, much easier to use than YourGolf, but needs better multiplayer functionality.. if it can get that It'll be a better app than GolfCard for those of use that don't need a USGA handicap, and don't want to pay the $30 a year USGA fee...

Would also be great to track points or a few sidegames too.. but better muliple player scoring, tracking, and uploading would be key to this being the best golf scoring/gps app out there

Come on oobgolf.. been 4 months now, how about a few added features like these for the android app?
IMKMB says:
First round of the year this weekend with another oob'er. I had to use GolfCard to keep track of our scores and then enter them manually on oob. I love oob and I'm willing to pay but not if I can't track of multiple users. Am I missing something??? Why have the option to input the scores of other players if they all disappear when you finish the round?
winfij says:
Is there a changelog anywhere on the site - I'm interested to gauge the level of active development on the Android app to know whether to buy in with the subscription or not?
Reuben says:
Not working well offline. Golf courses are often without proper reception.
* Even fav'd courses have to be re-downloaded (app stuck in "Loading Course Details" when offline, even when back online).
* When finishing a game offline, score is stuck in store, not deletable, and crashes the app when trying to view it.
KFantacci says:
I have a question in regards to live scoring. My friends and I really enjoyed watching each others scores via live scoring when we were entering our scores via the online scorecard. Since upgrading/using the app it appears that we can only upload our final scores, not our hole by hole scores. Is this available and I'm missing a setting or something or will it be available? Thanks!
HotBacon says:
I entered my first score last night using this app: #1 - the score didn't save upon completion (even though I tapped save, and it went back to the main screen), #2 - I could only use the "score only" mode (no detailed stats - club, FIR, putts, etc.).

Is this normal?
dabomber says:
OOB golf, please give an update on the android app...are you done developing this? are you going to improve it? it is half way through july, can we expect improvements during this golf season on the east coast?
dabomber says:
sweet answer...thx
dabomber says:
How do addicts use the Live Mobile Scoring so friends can follow round from their work/home computer?

Mexskins says:
I can't login? I got a Samsung infuse. It says oobgolf login expired. Please help
glambert says:
Just downloaded Android App for HTC Thunderbolt. Entered two rounds but they will not upload.
rvick82 says:
I can't login either. I'm having the same problem at Mexskins. It says oobgolf login expired. I went into my account and changed my password and still doesn't work. Please help. I love the app and just started using it this year. I have a Droid X.
mustang6560 says:
Thanks for letting me know. I'll have someone take a look at it.
austinpict says:
Please update the oobgolf app. Lots of FCs in ICS.
steve.boswell says:
Are any updates to the oob app in the works? Seems like there are a lot of suggested improvements. Two things I would like is if the app would automatically start with the irons for par-3 holes instead of requiring me to scroll down past all of the wood selections to choose the "club used". Also, if when viewing the entire hole (gps), the app would default or have the option of always showing it as right to left or bottom of screen to top of screen from tee to green, that would be helpful. I often have to turn my phone upside down to have the hole presented in a more logical easy to interpret format.
Nick Marti says:
My friends phone wasn't working the other day when we went out so I entered in his stats hoping I could then transfer them to his name, but now I can't find the stats anywhere. Not on the app, not online... Is there a way to see the stats of the people that you play with? And is there still work being done so we can enter our "friends" scores through the app?
MillerOutdoors says:
I can't find the app in the Google Play store. ??? search for oob and oobgolf and nothing obvious comes up. Anyone have an actual link? Thanks.
wbgordon says:
MillerOutdoors, were you able to find the app? If so can you share the link? thanks
essendonbulldogs81 says:
Is this app still available?
EvelynRoy says:
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