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By Kickntrue on 1/17/11
We get emails all the time from developers- so I know you're reading the site. Is working in golf your dream job?

We have pretty high standards but if you're proficient in PHP, JAVA, Javascript, Actionscript and SQL we'd love to hear from you. Experience in Objective-C would be nice as well.

Skill in golf is not required although knowledge and a passion for the game is a major plus.

This is a full-time senior-level position and the pay will be commensurate with experience.

Oh, the job is in Ridgeland, Mississippi, just north of Jackson. I moved here- it's actually pretty nice! The best part may be the cost-of-living adjustment from most metro-areas! I'll try to sell you on that part if you're open to it, but please know it is a requirement of the job.

If you're interested please send me an email. We'll be at the PGA Show next week in Orlando, Florida- so if you're already in the industry and want to meet there- let me know!

Send Inquiries To andrew@oobgolf.com

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mmontisano says:
dang...let me know when you're looking for a web designer!
falcon50driver says:
Let me know when you need a Flight Department.
ForeKris says:
sales here.
birdieXris says:
Let me know if you need an equipment demo department.
cpercy says:
I can make coffee.
lcgolfer64 says:
“I feel my strongest assets would be best suited for on-course review, logistics and feedback consultant. I know I do my best work on the ground and in the field. Please consider me as your best candidate and first when this position becomes available. Thank you for your consideration.”
I’ll wait by my phone now…
rmumph1 says:
I've been told I supervise well, not sure if there was sarcasm when I was told that. Either way, I can watch people work and give feedback, even when not requested. Let me know if that position is available.
Kurt the Knife says:
let me know if you need a lazy co-worker don't know much o' nothin'

I'll give you my brother's phone number!

Kurt the Knife says:
actually... i could learn to be your lazy-drain-on-wages.
woobwoob says:
Let me know when you are looking for an on-course advertiser in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. All it costs you is a hat and perhaps a shirt :)
Bryan K says:
Hey...I'll take the hat and shirt and the move to Mississippi in return for some advertising! Heck...I advertise for oobgolf all the time!

Seriously, though....I recently applied for a job in Cleveland, MS. I didn't have my degree yet at the time, and I'm sure that's why I was passed up. I'm oh so close now, so if you need anyone with business administration experience who specializes in human resources, let me know.
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