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By Kickntrue on 4/4/11
oob looks different all of a sudden. That's because we've launched a new "Updates" features that will help oobers utilize the features and keep track of their friends more easily. Change is always tough- even when "just" talking about web layout, so we do understand there will be a bit of a learning curve, but we really believe this is for the better.

One of our biggest concerns with oobgolf has always been communicating everything the site does, and informing users of what is happening with things relating to their own accounts. For example- it was very difficult to know when a friend of yours entered a score on the site, or when a forum you're involved in received a new reply. To accommodate this addition we decided to go from a homepage with a 2 column layout to one with 3. This allowed us to add a left hand navigation bar for quick access to items that were more than a click deep (or required mouseover) as well as the new communication feed tool down the center of the page.

The new "Updates" feed down the center of the page will now keep you informed each time you come back to the site. We've done our best to optimize the settings of this page- but you can control your messaging in a couple ways. The first is the "Settings" link to the right of the bold "Your Updates" message (right). Clicking that will give you access to control what hits your Updates section. The biggest choices here probably have to do with the content of the site. You can also change these settings directly from the feed when you mouse over a specific item. A special menu appears and depending on the actual item allows you to hide that specific message or "hide all similar" when deletes all kind messages and changes your settings. To add these back in- just click "Settings" and read them.

Because of our additions to the homepage we had to move the daily content to where we've always envisioned it living, the "Clubhouse" portion of the site. If you click "Clubhouse" in the main navigation or "More Content" in the top right featured section you will be taken to a page that should look very familiar. We will still pull out a few top stories as well as display the sites most popular content for the past 24 hours on the new home page.

In addition to the bigger changes- we added a few fun extras. There is now a Twitter Board on the Clubhouse page featuing the Tweets of top golfers. The home page now features fun facts about your game that weren't available elsewhere. When you come to and you're not logged in- we now show a feed of scores rolling in to the site- which is kind of fun to stare at for a couple minutes at a time.

As always on oob- this is a work in process. A more major site may not release at this point, but we want this to be an iterative process with our users. We appreciate any and all feedback we receive and will be continuing to tweak the new homepage so it best meets the needs of the entire oob community.

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Werepuppie says:
What happened to "Live Scores"
klangdon says:
if you view the page when logged out, it shows scores as they are added to the system in real time. You will see live scores in this feed along with standard hole-by-hole scores.
stringbean79 says:
I like it!
Werepuppie says:
What happened to "fair score"listing on games you and friends have played?
TimmyBede says:
Looks awesome! Keep up the good work!
hollywoodtimb says:
Please get one up ASAP.
klangdon says:
hollywoodtimb, we have had an android app for quite a while now. Just search "oobgolf" in the Android App Market.
phraynck says:
Good work. Took a little time to play with it but its pretty easy to customize. I wish you guys could clean up the "golfers" homepage for some of those stats. Set some parameters. I like checking out stats of other golfers but there is so much crap in there
hollywoodtimb says:
Im going right now!!!!!!
coneill21 says:
I always enjoyed seeing the hole by hole live scoring on oob for other people playing the courses that I play regularly. It looks like this is no longer available with the updates. If someone knows how to access, please let me know.
TeT says:
Dont like it
Minjin52 says:
Where is the email... how would I be notified if I actually won something? :)
Minjin52 says:
Okay, I found the "Check Email" on the sub-menus. You guys might consider adding it to the left navigation on the home page.
nickmomrik says:
Couple of bugs...

When I post scores it still only shows the first hole score, not the total score. Example: "You posted a 4 at Crooked Creek Golf Club."

The links for Older > don't work. Looks like they should be to instead of The problem exists as you page through as well. The older and newer links should be switched like you are paging through a book, newspaper, or magazine where older is to the left and newer is to the right.
JIM JAB says:
Is there an area where I can see the toughest course I played
ccie2711 says:
Any thoughts of adding tournament scoring? Would love to be able to have live updates to rounds happening within our groups on the course during our annual MB golf tourney. I have seen some cart GPS units that are doing this now. Really cool.
The Ghost says:
My home page is not updating with my friends new posted scores
Luis Sandoval says:
I don't like
rmiller says:
Can someone help? It will no longer give me all of my past scores. I can get the last ten and, if I click the date column, the first ten I posted back in 2007, but no others. I assume it is something I am doing incorrectly but I cannot figure out what.
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