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Addict Giveaway: Clicgear Model 3.0 Push Cart
By mustang6560 on 4/29/11

All oobgolf Addicts will have an automatic chance to win a Clicgear Model 3.0 Push Cart. The giveaway also includes some accessories including the Cooler Tube, GPS Holder and Rangefinder bag. What a sweet deal!

The giveaway ends May 15, 2011 and the winner will be announced the following week. I will also post a full review of the Clicgear Model 3.0 in the near future.

So to recap- you join Addict for $9.95 a year (wow, that's cheap), and you get a ton of new stats to track, have the ability to edit courses, support oobgolf and have a chance to win exclusive gear. Where is the downside?

From Clicgear:
Clicgear is a Hong Kong-based company that designs, manufactures and distributes high quality and innovative sports products for active people. We sell these products to many markets around the world through our distribution partners.

We manufacture all our products at our own factory and deliver them directly to our customers, reducing cost and complication. The quality of our Clicgear products is a team effort from start to finish. Contact us to find out more about our unique company and our product line.
Stay tuned for more prizes and giveaways exclusively available to oobgolf Addicts!

** All existing Addicts are always automatically entered in our monthly Addict-only giveaways. **

Learn more about Clicgear

** Giveaway is open to all legal US residents 18 years or older. No purchase necessary. To enter with no purchase please fill out this survey and mail to: oobgolf, addict giveaway, 274 Commerce Park Drive, Suite M, Ridgeland, MS 39157. All entries must be postmarked by by April 8, 2011. A winner will be announced the week of May 15, 2011 on oobgolf.com. Tax expenses are not included. You have the right to refuse the prize. In case of prize refusal a series of new entrants will be picked until the prize is accepted. Odds of winning based on number of Addicts and mail entries. Void where prohibited.

[ comments ]
SweetJazz says:
My 2.0 is fantastic! Just imagine an upgrade to a 3.0......Hmmmm
mjaber says:
I thought you had to be addict+ @ 19.95 to get the GPS.
mustang6560 says:
You're correct. That's what I get for copy and pasting :)
Kurt the Knife says:
Duke of Hazards says:
Sweet ride. I want!
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
Me please!
mjaber says:
@mustang... see what happens when you try to take shortcuts :)
Backquak says:
how many addicts do we have now? I want to know my odds. I'm do to win something that I will HAVE to take to the golf course so I can have an excuse to go.
ilovebacon says:
NICE! How many Old Styles does the cooler tube hold?
Jattruia says:
Very nice.
ppinkert says:
it would make me look...."Marrrrvelous...just Marvelous"
manny.101 says:
Great looking cart ... Heard good reviews on Clicgear products.
This could be the first cart i've ever owned.
dottomm says:
Cooler Tube? Send me the pushcart alright?!
stringbean79 says:
These rock...next week they are coming out with an add-on seat, great for mid-fairway relaxing while you wait on that 6-some infront of you :(
Neo says:
Interesting... this was published on the 29th, but the rules state "To enter with no purchase please fill out this survey and mail to: oobgolf, addict giveaway, 274 Commerce Park Drive, Suite M, Ridgeland, MS 39157. All entries must be postmarked by by April 8, 2011.
sepfeiff says:
Maaaan I REALLY need to win this!!!
pvt4211 says:
This might make me walk more instead of plonking my fat ass in the golf cart.....
pennsafety says:
Sweet.....I can use that ride!
munk24 says:
OKay, its time for me to win ,finally doesnt matter if your a lefty or righty
SilverSliver says:
Pretty pretty pleasssseeeeee...
Muscle-OchO says:
With sugar on top!
Bernie Duffer says:
I have the 2.0 model and love it. This one looks even better.
golfdude528 says:
Very sweet. I have the Sun Mountain micro cart, but I would be willing to change!!!!
Duffer 83 says:
I need one of these!!!
stedar says:
I bought one - they are great. So much better than anything else I've used. Thanks oob - another great bit of advertising...
David Yurik says:
i was a full time rider till i got my 3.0. now its full time walker. congratst to the winner you will love it.
ot says:
would love it!
Panerai111 says:
Yes please!
jarick098 says:
did i win?
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