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By mustang6560 on 6/15/11
We've recently fixed a few things on our website and I would like to highlight the two big ones.

First, we fixed the oobgolf Course Finder. The Course Finder is one of the coolest things about the website. With the Course Finder, you can search for courses by name and/or geography, plus you can filter the results based on a variety of options including course architect, price range, oobgolf rating, etc.

The best part (IMO) about the Course Finder is you can search for courses by user. The results will be populated on the map so you can visually see where you or me or any other oober has played around the country and even around the world (based on scores entered). Click the "Filter" tab under the Course Finder and enter your oobgolf username into "Course Played by" and all of the courses you have a score entered will pop up.

Second, we fixed the Facebook link. If you link your oobgolf to Facebook, every time you upload a score or start scoring a LIVE ROUND, a notification will hit your Facebook wall with a link to your scorecard. To link your oobgolf account to Facebook, click the "Settings" link next to "Your Updates" on the Home Page. Next, click on "Social Networking" and finally click the "link Facebook" icon.

If you ever run across a potential bug on the site, don't hesitate to let us know. Post a topic in the Forum BUGS Category outlining what you see.

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Paolo says:
Ooh I'll have to get myself one of those FaceTube things then!
gpickin says:
Facepage is the devil, but we all a little horny sometimes.
That came out wrong. :)
rmumph1 says:
Myface is the place to be for all your little horny needs. Sign up now or you will never get some.
rmumph1 says:
That definitely came out wrong once I review it. Disregard my last comment. The joke was on me.
Duke of Hazards says:
I like you guys better than any of my spacebook friends, anyway.
brian575 says:
love the courses played by, now I need to go play other places and start to really fill up the screen
dottomm says:
Oh Great. Now everyone can know I'm at the golf course and not at home sick in bed.
TimmyBede says:
Good job fellas. Keep up the good work!
MeatheadNC says:
I love course finder and think the ability to filter by user is pretty cool. I think a nice addition to the feature would be a drop down box so you can easily select your friends' user name.
mjaber says:
Why now mention of the new (I think) feature in the "Your Equipment" section that allows you to create a new bag?
Vestal says:
Where's the ability to print off custom score cards for the various courses? That was a great benefit to me!!!
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