New Report - Feedback Please!
By Kickntrue on 9/15/11
oobgolf Addicts- We've been working on a new printable report/feature and it's ready for feedback.

Go to "Your Game" and then "Reports/Charts" and you'll now find "Monthly Report" at the bottom of the list (or cheat and click HERE).

Click there- and wait a couple moments for the goodness to load. In sticking with our general principles of "if it makes sense we shouldn't have to explain it" I'll leave it at that. Feedback is certainly welcome.

There may be a couple bugs so feel free to report those- though general feedback on the idea and execution is what we're looking for most. Once we get this how we want it- the idea would be to push it to your feed monthly, as well as potentially email it out to users. As you guys know, we don't do many/any emails other than scores of friends and such (basically no marketing) so let us know what you think of that as well. Is this something you'd want in your inbox or would it find the SPAM box?

We're not sure where this will sit long-term, and it's fairly intensive on our servers, so for now this is Addict only.


oobgolf team

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David B says:
Nice Job. Just another tool to confirm my misery! I must be a crazy, but I like it.
jarick098 says:
I like the idea of it. A yearly report might be a good add.
Jattruia says:
I love this.
Jattruia says:
Only things i'd suggest are that the most popular clubs really aren't necessary, and maybe add the fairway % to the pie chart.
Werepuppie says:
Great feature.
TeT says:
Looks good... How about some feedback from you guys when we ask you a question sometimes though?

My course finder still dumps me in Kansas and I still don't know why Fair Score doesn't show up anymore...
dukedsp says:
I get the following error:
TCPDF ERROR: Not a JPEG file: images/avatar2.png
Mandelbaum! says:
To start – this is a great idea, and another nice benefit to the Addict membership. Thank you!

The reports look great, but I do have some suggestions:
• I like the monthly reports and the YTD stats. Perhaps as you get deeper into this endeavor, you may be able to flesh it out with even more information – like YTD progress. How you've progressed, statistically, versus where you were. Kind of like an IRA or retirement account statement with %s up and (%s) down.
• Like The Mustache Ride, I'm not sure the most popular equipment is relevant here. It doesn't really seem to fit on a report specifically about my game.
• I'm also not sure knowing all the Par 3s, etc. nearest me is really that relevant either. But I'm sure you guys will figure it out as you go what should be in here and what we can do without.

Overall though, I think this is a nice new feature and something I'm sure to overanalyze during the off-season.  Thanks for further enabling my OCD about my golf game. ;)
GolferAnt says:
"Your August Fairways" is giving me wrong data
birdieXris says:
Very awesome!!! for the first time, i realized that i'm playing about 1/2 the rounds this year that i played last year, but i'm playing much better. :) definitely a useful tool. I could do without the most popular clubs though.
Mandelbaum! says:
Never mind my comment on the 'Holes Near You' section. I guess the data's just not coming through for me, so it's all blank spots and zeros right now. I'm sure it'll be worked out though. ;)
brian575 says:
I like it, for me it just confirms even more what I have already suspected, I stink.
Kurt the Knife says:
kinda cool.
Would really like a total yards walked feature included.
Could simply be a cumulative of the tee yardage of each round.
Cuz...I tend to cover a lot more territory on the course than tee to green.
ebkruger says:
It's a good start. I definitely agree that the most popular drivers is pointless. How about having an accuracy table based off approach shots of all the clubs in your bag so that you can see which club performs the best as opposed to the one we think is the best. It would be helpful for identifying lay up distances and picking the right club off the tee (smart golf as opposed to what I currently play).
I think the stat comparison is fantastic.
dottomm says:
I love it. Love the stats comparison. I even like the nearby hole stats. I don't think the popular club section is relavent.

I would really love it if you brought back the distance played stat that was standard to all users a few years back. The culmination of the course yardage you'v played. It was my justification to my wife. She'd ask. "Hey. Where do you think you're going?" and I would reply. "I'm going for a 6 1/2 mile walk."
Bernie Duffer says:
Nice! I enjoyed going through all four pages with the statistics and comparisons to the prior month. What is with the list of drivers along the right side of the first page? What is the point? Is that advertising?
hollywoodtimb says:
Doesn't work on iPad. :(
erickbelus says:
really nice. I love it. I used to just print off different pages when we played
Trip says:
Works on my iPad (1st version), but I would love to see "fair score" again. Unless I just can't find it...
Dazinkster says:
Love it!

My thoughts:
- I'd like the ability to nominate a "home course", and then the average hole stats be displayed for that month. Like the "course stats" page
- Most popular clubs section doesn't interest me
- The "hardest holes near me" section doesn't work (poss as I live outside the US). But also it's something I'm not too bothered with
- I love the stats comparison between the previous month and the current month! Any chance of doing this for the whole season?
- I would have no issues with this being sent out in e-mail format. Wouldn't consider it spam at all

Great feature on the whole though! Just increases the amount of geek-ness I can add to my golf :)
oobscott2 says:
love it. heres my feedback
1. remove most popular clubs
2. remove hardest holes near me(it doesnt even make sense- it just looks at highest score and not the relative to par which is really how hard a hole is)
3. add stats for your most played course and compare month to month. for people like me who have a membership and play the same course a lot, this makes it a lot easier to compare months. If i go play a few other courses in august compared to july, my scores will probably be higher due to playing other courses
4. I would definitely like to have this emailed to me
5. adding an average score for a course would be nice. I have never been able to find a stat on here for what my average score is on a particular course and tee. You have this for an individual hole but not the whole course for some reason
mustang6560 says:
@TeT- We are aware of a few issues with the Course Finder and we're looking into them. I'm not sure why your Fair Score is not being calculated. I just checked a few people's scores and their Fair Score is not being calculated either so we'll have to look into it.
shaffer1969 says:
Overall it looks great. A few things to point out:

1. Popular clubs - not really useful. I'm assuming it is there for ad $.
2. Could # of holes played be added? Adds context to "Scores" and "Strokes"
3. I am seeing a fair score in my scores, and it picks the lowest fair score as the best round. I did see an instance (August of 2010) where it didn't calculate a fair score for one of my scores and that was picked as my best round. It was actually my worst round in a couple of years.
bkuehn1952 says:
Some of the stats would be more useful if expressed as # per 18 holes or # per hole. For example, total penalty strokes per month means relatively little since the number of holes/rounds played in each month varies. Expressing the value as penalty stroke(s) per 18 holes makes comparing month to month more meaningful.
ksu_FAN says:
Very nice.
nickmomrik says:
I love page 2 but I wouldn't use any of the info on the other pages. On page 1 it lists my best round as a round I played on a par 3 course, which isn't very exciting. I sure hope it was my lowest score! :-)

Would rather view this on the site instead of a PDF though. Could do a simple print stylesheet for people that wanted to print the page.
nickmomrik says:
Like a few others have mentioned it would help a lot to have things compared by holes or number of times 9 have been played (18 would count as 2 obviously), because a round can be 9 or 18 holes. One golfer may have 50 9 hole rounds and another golfer has 50 18 hole rounds, but they get reported the same way. The way it's currently done in a lot of the stats, "rounds" is kind of useless for this reason.

I keep track of my rounds by 9 holes and created a way so I can see progress that way. It's at if you want to check it out. Since you have all of the ratings and slopes here it would be cool to see something like this with differentials over time or even be able to drill down into it by course as well.

Great start on these reports though. It's nice to be able to compare things like this.
CUCU says:
Undoubtedly, all these tools help us focus our work on areas of our game that need it most. Congratulations.

cjgiant says:
I just set up a spreadsheet for my monthly stats, and took time to review stat by stat to populate it. Thanks for the heads up, sheesh! :)
heber_ferrazleite says:
Well ... to be honest I think instead of working on that you could be working on the following:

- entering/displaying information in yards or meters (incl. conversion)
- improvement of iPhone app to chose display in yards or meters
- self-mapping utility for iPhone app
bhulk says:
I like the ability to know how I improve or get worse on a monthly basis. I have been manually figuring my stats. This is a great tool! I don't think the popular clubs are necessary though. Good work! I hope it is here to stay.
sam004 says:
I like the reporting capability. I agree with above posts about removing most popular clubs. I like the monthly handicap. Remove hardest holes. I would like to see a summary of birdies, pars, bogies, etc on the monthly report. I like the idea of single course summary. Also having trouble with course finder. Thanks and keep up the good work.
iNorv9 says:
Overall I like it. My feedback:
1) Remove popular clubs
2) Include total holes played
3) include fair score
4) include a graph charting monthly progress

This is nice, but honestly, I would like my iphone oob app to work without internet (the course data of course being loaded beforehand). I play in areas with bad reception and this precludes being able to use the app!
Backquak says:
Pretty good start. I like page 2 and like everyone else the most popular driver is a waste of space.
I would like it to separate each round when it compares the months and separate courses. comparing scores on different courses to each other only helps with overall issues not specific ones. One thing that would be great is if we could add pictures to each round we post so we could print a page with our round, a summary of the day, and pictures so I could keep a scrapbook of my sons scores and progress
Bernie Duffer says:
That was informative! Nice job!!
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